Saturday, January 1, 2011

| 01012011 | * Happy New Year 2011! :]

it's a brand new year! brand new day! i spent my first day of 2011 in Time Square, in front of IT Centre. x) alahhh working dahh, no choice. x( its my fake birthday today. (: you guys must be curious why fake and real? i dont wanna tell you guys. ;p

anyway! jefferysooteckseang came to time square again. i feel so bright. O.O light bulb, the bulb gonna break soon. because its too bright. i feel like i shouldnt to be there. it's not a suitable place for me. x( its like i am so extra. T.T they are too sweet, i cant tahan the sweet. OMG. x(

time square doesnt have many people today. we only manage to sold for around 3 GPS. x( and i didnt eat much today, my dinner break i ate ice cream. O.O and the handsome guy who selling ice cream talk me to, smile to me. awww he's so handsome! x) nothing much to blog about today actually.

i am so tired, huhu. x(
Happy New Year! xoxo. (:

- by kellyetan

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