Tuesday, January 11, 2011

| 11012011 | * My School Day! :]

*HAWHHH!* lazy to wake up this morning. AIYAH biasalah kan? who wants to wake up and climb out from the warmmy blanket right? but i still woke up luhh, no choice, im having class wud. so i climb out from my blanket at around 8.45am. get ready everything and out from house to college :)

reached college and met up chian. then we went to find Miss. but too bad, miss is soooo bussay! so we left and back to class, this is our first class of miss cheryl. look kinda having lots of fun in her class, but also needed to be prepare t stress out and have to be dare to talk ya? i guess so. =x so she start class on time and end class on time, for the very first week. =S

after her class then we went somewhere nearby and grabbed some food to eat because we are starving! ishh. miss elly is not much strict and so, we get into the class late and we end early, early for an hour. woots! hohohohoho =x

went to find Miss again. and blablablabla....... then went study room chat chat with chian and she also study as well x) i also accompanied her for a little while. i left at around 2.30pm and i dump her alone there. im so sorry! HAHA but im sleepy tho. she will be alone there until 5pm, pity her :(

went home and cooked maggie for my mum and i drink a cup of chocolate, and have a nap. *sweet sweet nap* around 6pm, i woke up and brush my teeth, then continue rest for around 10 minutes and order food eat. I PROMISE i dont wanna eat maggie and those instant soup for at least 2 weeks! I dont care i must i must! ><" because i've already eating that for all the time, is all the time! i cant do that! i dont wanna become botak and bad health!


- by kellyetan

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