Monday, January 17, 2011

| 17012011 | * Tired! x(

im so tired! phews! went college after eating. no parking......... so many car :( at last i parked at illegal place =x i drove for so long until the time i parked my car, i only notice that i didnt let go my hand break. T.T what a blur me! :( my car must be very painful :'( before that in highway there is no car and i drove for 100/km T.T

haihs, late for class for around 15 minutes. boring and lonely class. after class, went AC find chian them and makan. after that the guys went AC pool, me and chian sitting there doing Cheryl's homework.

4pm, went MPW BM class with chian. WAH boring lahhh D; really feel like sleeping! D; class end, passed up our homework and drove home. WTF traffic jam. AHH tired today! x(


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