Wednesday, January 12, 2011

| 12012011 | * Family Day? :]

went college early morning again. i go for M1 and M2's section for the TV Production class. and the conclusion i got is fail to change section, so i will be joining the seniors class. WTF lur x( all the lecturers is playing me i guess. FTO, know what's that? LOL. Fuck them off.

class end and i also met up jasongoh for a little while, he told me to find HOP and talk but too bad HOP is not there. dont know where she went. then went pasar and he left. i bought few dishes and my rice and bring it to grandmother's house. awwh im starving! morning i didnt eat anything weih. LOL. teckseang and puiyi's stop his car nearby mine and wait for my parking. WAHAHAH :P but the plastic bag already broke and the juice of vege cause my leather seat oily, so they have to wait me to clean up for little while.

after that, went grandmother's house. had lunch with her and chat, accompanied her. i felt sleepy after lunch, because the glucose goes higher and cause people feel like sleeping. btw its natural tho. x) but i didnt sleep lahh x) chat with her for around 2 hours. then i went to pump petrol and go home.

home, rest for a little while. watch tv for a while and something..... then see what's inside the fridge. there are vege and some meat and eggs. but i only plan to cook vege and a meat. so i cut everything like garlic, meat and also vege. wash everything and start cooking. WAH, the feeling is like past 2 years i always cook dinner for my family. i know girls who can cook nowadays is very rare! HAHAHA so yeahhh, im proud of it. x)

after cook, i didnt eat what i cooked. i ordered food because i see the vege is little and not enough, and i am lazy to cut garlic again. so i ordered food. HAHA. its okay lah for my family so its okay x) after eating, rest for a little while. and accidentally nap. aisehh i shouldnt nap if not i cant sleep tonight again x( and i napped for 3 hours. OHMYGODNESS! x(

after i woke up, see my sister and mami eating what i cooked and they said very happy and nice because they or we are actually love to eat food that cook at home, we dont love to eat food outside because its like not so healthy. so they were all surprised i cook today. i text-ed them telling them that i will be cooking and come home for dinner. x) so they are happy and satisfied with my food. so i feel happy too :D


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