Sunday, January 2, 2011

| 02012011 | * Last Day RM450! :]

it's last day of working today. me and puiyi feel that today's time pass damn slow. seriously we dont know why. perhaps not really many people today also. both of us play GPS game. HAHA. because that's the only way to waste time. x) but also boring duhh. x(

work as usual, work, then break, then work, then break, then OHH 9pm lur. BYEBYEEE. LOL. biasa lohh. x) today we pack things kinda early. O.O around 9pm we already pack things lur. we suppose to work until 10pm one. but they pack so we pack. and we suppose to work on 10am as well. but we 11am only go there they also havent ready. so we went there late also. heheh ;D

today is still the same, jefferysooteckseang went there find me and his girlfwend again. im light bulb again. aisehhh. x( i no eye see, i blush blush. HAHAHAH. ;D

it's last day, we also manage to took photos with the christmas tree. ;D but im taking alone with my phone. T.T because there are a pair of couples which i am light bulb-ing. x( but puiyi mua daughter also did take with me nahh. x)

after that, we went home! and im tired tho. O.O but also not bad, RM450 in my pocket. (:

- by kellyetan

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