Friday, January 14, 2011

| 14012011 | * Working Day 1

today is the day im working without puiyi. guess what? im working with the fatty and lazy gary again! FYI, i've been working with him before and i'm so effing dislike him and heard alot of negative stuffs about him. forget about it, back to the topic.

early in the morning, went subang college area to eat breakfast with jasongoh and he sent me to work, thanks alot :) the opposite of my working booth is selling speaker and GPS as well. it is very competitive. and my right hand side is selling speaker, i need to be ready for shout to the customers. =/ besides that, puiyi and teckseang came and find me and accompany me as well. puiyi also help me in working, hoho :)

went lunch with jasongoh, puiyi and teckseang at subang college area again. and i back to work late and im afraid of Burn. Burn is a high level or can said is our boss, his name - Burn. cool right? but scary tho.

after work, jason purposely came and pick up me and puiyi and sent us home. thanks alot really :)

tomorrow puiyi is working with me :)


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