Thursday, January 13, 2011

| 13012011 | * Tomorrow! ><"

only go for 1 class today and skipped the another class. guess what? this is the first week and i already skipped alot classes, included tomorrow i have to skip 2 classes because of working. =x im trying to find the justification for myself saying that ''aiyah its okay lahh first week mah.'' LOL. i know i shouldnt. =/

accompanied my dears for around an hour or maybe more than that, then since the time is going on, i wait for puiyi also. then she went back to my house study and watch movies. until around 8.30pm only she left. and what is in my mind? i keep thinking how am i going to work with a stranger named Gary tomorrow. i dont know who is that, at first i thought is a girl but....... :( i dont know who is it, i dont know where is it, i dont know how to go, i dont know how to back :( i was like feeling so lost and dont have the feeling of safe because puiyi is not with me :'(

haiks! what should i do tomorrow? =/ maybe i will tumpang puiyi's car and jasongoh's car and teckseang's car? or maybe im driving myself? *ahhhhhhhh!*

i still love to see you smile,
however, i am afraid.

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