Wednesday, January 19, 2011

| 19012011 | * A Day With Mua Mum :]

class as usual today. after class, went home take my lunch and rest for few hours. after that went IOI Mall with mua mum. went there do facial. *shuang* i prefer my mum that facial centre more than my college area there =x

after facial, we went shopping for a while. my mum was always so busy and no time to buy her stuffs. finally, she bought a pair of shoe, its only a pair of shoe. another pair she quite like it but dont have her size :( and me, i bought 3 Nichii shirt, its the same pattern but different color only. HAHA. cause cheap mahh x) my mum paid for everything, thankiew loves.

after that, we also went Jusco to buy some food so that we can cook at home. and also some food for me so that i dont have to eat maggie x)

after that, we both went home and cook dinner together :)


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