Thursday, January 20, 2011

| 20012011 | * Hunt For CNY Clothes! :]

Hello! ;)

its public holiday! me and puiyi planned to go time square since last 2 weeks ago. go there buy CNY clothes luh x) this time, we drive there! with Papago GPS. HAHAH ;D
we leave early in the morning, around 9.30am. early lehh i know =x but scared traffic jam. we successfully reach there and find food. all the stores havent open yet :( lastly we had our breakfast in kim gary. ordered a spicy rice and its very spicy ;(

- this food after makan........

- become like this. =x

after lunch, start shopping! buy buy buy buy buy alot of clothes. didnt really think, look at it, feel it, BUY! LOL. around 2pm, we met up Marcus at ice cream stall and we talked about GPS stuffs. anyone wanna buy GPS from me? if yes please kindly contact me. Papago, Garmin or Marshal brand also we have :)

after that, he left and we continue shop! x) we really bought alot. and my car is messy! cause alot of plastic bags, all the new clothes. WAHAHAHA ;p


guess what? i met up ivan and joey at time square! the world is so small i knew that :) finally got the chance to take pictures with joey :)

we left time square around 5pm and the second round at sunway pyramid. actually at that moment we already no stamina to shop. we went there and had my dinner there. after that walk what the shop we want. and puiyi finally bought her shoes :)

after that, sent her home and im home too :) phews, exhaust =/

im a kid today! ;)



Yannie Wong said...

hohoho...i saw my clothes leh...ur fren wearing...ahahaha

Kellye Tan said...

HAHA so ngam. :)