Friday, January 21, 2011

| 21012011 | * A Day I Met Them ♥

i sleep late today. LOL. chian also nahh WAHAHAHAHAHA ;p so we skipped MPW BM class. went AC eat breakfast with her, we ate tomyam :)

then chat chat chat. after that met up yilin and we went class together. today we are in the same class because there's a talk from The Star. so all of us together. today im more into hyper, although im tired and sleepy. perhaps because of that makes me dont know what am i doing and goes hyper, wheeee! LOL.

me and chian's hyper scared yilin i guess. HAHA. maybe because of the tomyam makes us hyper, yilin didnt eat tomyam so she not hyper. LOL. WTH im talking all crap. zzz.

NOLAHHH! maybe because today i met up 2 of them together, so im happy nar :) how long we didnt in class together already :( today finally, and that moment recall back our Journalism class last few semester. i really miss that moment alot ♥ hence, im happy and hyper :) loves mwahx! ;D

class end, sent yilin home. then went home and take nap. around 5pm, mum called and we went Tesco buy CNY stuffs again! woohoo ;)

- Hyper of the day ;)


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