Monday, January 31, 2011

| 31012011 | * Surprise Belated Celebration.

Hello peeps.

in many ways of coincidence, i thought today is just a normal outing with the secondary guys. i thought it just movies. but now, i know 1 thing... I DAMN NOOB LAHHH! D; how can i kena surprise by them?! OMG. and still i what also dont know! ishh. I DAMN NOOB! also said already lahh. these days my brain function damn slow. -.-"

as usual, went sunway pyramid with puiyi. met up kaijin, alvin, schumann, teckseang, tingfung, and huilin. we're at wongkok and i still blur blur. puiyi told me that she miss the dessert there, and because she sore throat, i believe her! LOL. and i was thinking, hmmm still can drink the big milk tea. okayy lahh.

eat eat eat, then i asked them to bill. so damn coinsidence, our seat is quite deep inside which is the cashier might not able to see us. so kaijin walk to the cashier there and i thought he ask for bill. then again so damn coincidence, me and alvin talk the topic make me damn angry and so i keep looking at him, and he's the right side and the cake came from the left side. so once i turn my head. Happy Birthday to you~ start singing. i was so effing surprise man! WALAO! i damn noob! =x

but anyway, thanks for all! and special cake i had because kaijin is close with the cake shop punye boss :) thankiew thankiew! ;D

after that, went hunting for mua i pod cover, finally bought a pink devil cover. and then we went for movie - 笑着回家

this movie is funny and nice! the rating is 4.5/5 stars. no offence, nothing is completely perfect. :)

after that, went to machine and asked the worker register i pod for me. then some of them left and left puiyi, kaijin and me. we went for the second movie - 天天好天

i thought i will cry for this movie but not at all. yes my heart got a little bit sad and touched but didnt cry nahh :) rating for this movie is 3.5/5 stars. :) Hmm because i got a bit feel like sleeping and some of the shots are quite shaky and made me feel so uncomfortable. but overall the story is good :)

OHYA! i met yeeshuang there which is my best friend in primary school! wow i missed her so much and she damn cute weih now! x)

after movie, kaijin left and we went ramen had our dinner. after dinner, we went home :)


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