Wednesday, January 26, 2011

| 26012011 | * Chinese New Year Event

as usual, classes and still tired. i dont know what happened to me these week, i keep wanna go home and take nap. =/ after class, went cafeteria had lunch with ah hong, chit chat.

after that i sent him home and i back home as well. took nap for 1 hour something if im not mistaken, until around 6pm i woke up and puiyi called, she told me that event start soon. WTF not 7pm mehh? i fly car but traffic was so effing jam, these days. make me feeling so impatient -_-

reached college around 6.45pm and still have not start yet. puiyi lied. -.- she disturb me from sleeping. LOL. met up puiyi, alvin, weijian and a LM junior in secondary last time. bought some snacks. but the day is kinda rainy day. it's like rain for half an hour then stop for half an hour. then continue rain for half an hour and stop for half an hour. rain stop rain stop. and its not heavy rain, its like drizzling. make me feel so no mood to continue watching, its not enjoy the show at all. -.-"

the only 2 show i love is beatbox and shanghai show. other than that no more. =/ last year better :) i went last year also, hmm.

after beatbox, we left. sent puiyi home and im home too.


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