Wednesday, January 5, 2011

| 05122011 | * Grandma Here I Come! :]

feel so boring today. i got nothing to do at home, i already know. and dont know why i miss my grandmother suddenly. yes, very sudden. x) since my mum already bring me there once that day, i try to go myself today. i bring her milk powder and some snacks for her to eat. x)

called her before i out, went there and chat with her. she's always alone at home. nobody accompany her, sometimes she called me and chat on the phone because she is lonely and boring. we chat for more than an hour. around 2 hours i stayed with her. i drink barley that cooked by her. and we chat a lot. she's old but still so cute. i love to see her smile and laugh. but i dont like to see her scolding with a fierce face. O.O HAHA her laughing sound is adorable. its like HAKHAKHAKHAK x)

i feel so proud of the very first time driving alone to her house and accompany her and then drive home alone safely :) since sem 3 i already feel like wanna buy her some food in subang pasar because the dishes there is very cheap. and buy for her and eat with her and accompany her. but that time i still not very sure the road to her house, and now finally. next semester i will always visit her :)
i love her i love her i love her :)

around 3 something, i leave and back home. it's raining. heavy rain and thunder. i wonder why these days keep on raining? i look at the sky, are you unhappy? why are you crying badly these days and making me so scare? and making all the alarm alert these days just because of your thunder? maybe outside there are some of the vehicles spoil because of your tears? traffic jam because of your unhappy? what happen to you what happen to you? x(

- i love her. :)

- Lilo say Hi! :)

- Groggy, Lilo and Wiiwee say Hi! :)

- by kellyetan

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