Friday, January 28, 2011

| 28012011 | * Birthday Eve.

phews! im so tired today. yesterday slept at around 3 something midnight. not i dont wanna sleep, is i cant sleep :( and then i woke up at 6am just because of the 8am BM class. WTH. so sleepy during BM class, and the class is so empty. only for an hour and it end just like that. -.-"

after that, met up yannie for a while because chian took something for her. after that i go for my tv production class. lecturer thought us how to handle a camera, kinda fun :)

im so so tired. after class, went home and nap for an hour and sister called me. said wanna go and buy stuffs together. always last minute planning make me angry! mami also called and and tell the same thing. FYI, im a person who dislike annoying phone calls! and im so tired! :'(

at last, follow them went to OUG and buy stuffs. we bought quite alot. spent for almost 2 hour there. after that went home. =/


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