Friday, January 28, 2011

| R4ND0M | * The Depth of Mine.

" People who dont listen and accept the explanation of others is always the one who cause conflict. "

This is not what i want and the situation is like that, so the fault is not at mine. But too bad, even i gave the explanation, still, the way you treat is still the same. Hence, i stop talking. I dont continue, i will just let you go. Because i know, that is not my day; because i know, that is what you people are. I've already accept what my life is; i've already accept how you people is. I will just accept the fact and not going to entertain.

Have you ever thought before? I can just dont come in but why should i? Because that is not i want. You are not in the same situation with me, you dont know. And even i explain, you stop it and dont accept it. No wonder, this is an imperfect world.

" Big girls dont cry. " I told myself. the tears stayed in the orbital, feeling so helpless. But they will not coming out, because I have to be persistence. I continue the following journey as you leading us, but in my heart, do i feel happy; my best friend is always myself because i know myself well, so i know how i feel. do i feel happy, only i can answer myself.

i wonder, when can i get off the cover; when can i get off the mask, release and express. i wish i were what i wish but so do i?


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