Sunday, July 31, 2011

| 31072011 | * Last Day of Working.

finally today is ze last day of working, hope we got the better sales. woke up at 10 plus and out around 1030am. 11am reached KLCC and start working.

yeap we got better sales today. perhaps its Sunday. we combined together sold 10 units. wooyeah. better right? :D

work ends, follow puiyi's car back home and chian follow lam's car back.

home, chian came mua house to pack her stuffs and left. finally rest and watch movie, very tired. watched movie until 3am and finally go to bed. RM450 plus commission safely come with me :)

- on ze way going work.

- left so many brochures O.O

- home :)


Saturday, July 30, 2011

| 30072011 | * Working Day 2.

its ze 2nd day of working. woke up at around 10am. we're not going to make up today because we're tired and lazy. but well, i dont mind :)

today sales lagi teruk. i got no sales at all. ze 4 of us combine together got how many unit i also not sure. i also blur blur already. 

nothing much to blog about.

930pm, home. eat mum mum, rest and sleep at around 1am.

- our lunch today.

- tired...


Friday, July 29, 2011

| 29072011 | * Working Day 1.

its the first day of woking, chian late to reaching mua house because its raining and kinda traffic jam. we switched to teckseang's car and he dropped us at LRT and we took LRT to KLCC. thankyou teckseang! :)

we're working for Digital Lifestyle Expo 2011. dont really have people because they dont really advertise the fair. seriously no sales today. 4 of us- me, chian, puiyi and hueyyih; we sold 3 units only.

9pm, thanks to puiyi's baba sent us home again. chian overnight mua house. we slept at around 2am.

- on ze way.


GRRR! good day tomorrow!

sleep tight,

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

| 26072011 | * Hangover II Premiere Screening.


today we woke up at around 1pm. then calvin and lek came to klang find us eat mum mum. we had bakuteh as our brunch. after brunch, went chian's house do something and chat until around 4pm then, follow calvin's car back to his home. then switch to lek's car and sent me home.

- Lilo first time sit Audi x)

these few days im kinda old, too tired? or too busy? or too old? i keep forgetting my stuffs. kinda worried. even i forgot today i've movie with yilin and yesterday i asked my sixta drove my car to work. so i got no car! :( luckily mami is at home, therefore i request to drove her vios.

we shower and prepared. and out from house. very nervous of driving but i feel proud :) reached there safely, collected movie tickets from the cinema. and then we went to have our dinner at Ko Hyang Korean Country Delights. yumyum and not very expensive. i likey likey  :) then we also went jusco, here and there walking around until 9pm, we enter for movie - Hangover Part II, damn funnay! 

11 something, movie ends. we went home and yilin overnight my house :)

- this is what we see in Jusco, cool right? x)


Monday, July 25, 2011

| 25072011 | * First Korean Lesson.

woke up and went chatime with puiyi. i mean i drop her and she buy for me. HAHAHAHA. after that we went to ioi mall eat mum mum - sushi king :)

around 5pm, home and wait for mua sixta. then went subang together. puiyi met her boyfee and me and mua sixta went for the very first time korean class. korean is a kinda difficult language. i learn until abit blur blur .___.

after class, went street cafe with sixta and we shared a meal. damn spicy but i feel excited. then had tutti frutti. after that went to fetch mua mum home. then i pack stuffs and went chian's house overnight together with yilin as well :)

i blogged and they movie until around 3 something, then we sleep :)


Sunday, July 24, 2011

| 24072011 | * Movie! :)

Hello! :)

woke up at 2pm, had mua brunch and went out visit and bring food for ma mum. chat with her until around 5 something, brother and his girlfee came and i left. went home, pack my stuffs and went out pick up puiyi.

went ioi boulevard - Kissaten; japanese food. it dont taste good and extremely expensive. im not going there anymore :(

7 something, went ioi mall, walk walk and buy movie tickets on 940pm- Mr. Propper's Penguin. then still walking around, buy snacks to spend our time.

movie ends at 1115pm, back to her house and imma overnight her house today again! went her house blogging but her line darn slow, faster change unify ya! xD she sure scolding me when she reading here. :p cause my house's internet having problem :(

so i blogged a few post, then watch movie and sleep! :)

- bought 2 polo T :)

- good night! :)


Sunday, July 17, 2011

| 17072011 | * One Day Work.

woke up at 730am, get ready everything and light make up today; because im feeling so tired.

815am, out from house and start finding the working place. finally we cant find the way and we asked people who waiting for bus. btw thanks alot :)

then, met the boss and those workers. me and chian were chosen to be the greeter/door opener whereas yilin and huibin were chosen as ladies who guide the guests way for ribbon cutting.

during work, met a women so called a Datuk's sister. so damn lanci. i damn hate her. guess what? we have to stopped the guest going in the hall because opening ceremony is starting soon. so i stopped her and she told me ''oh yes ah? you know who i am actually? i am actually Datuk's sister you know?" so..........? so what? do you think just a sentence then i will let you enter? you are Datuk's sister but you are not Datuk. you, as a Datuk's sister, you should be more kind than others you know? not using your right to do these kinda shit stuffs. Fcukoff!  she samo asked her friends dont make friends like that, pointing at us, standing just behind me. WTH? what's the problem with you? luckily i only work for the very damn half day.

2pm, we left. we working with high heels, so damn tired. went home, shower and took nap. from 3pm to 7pm. then 830pm, went klang to had bakuteh with lek and chian, then sent chian home. 10 something, im home too :)

-our break time food.

- the greeter :)


Saturday, July 16, 2011

| 16072011 | * One Whole Day For Them.

woke up at around 1 something in ze afternoon .__. get ready and went out with chian, lek, calvin and andrew. went yamcha at setia alam's starbucks. kinda far right? for fun :) we chat chat there, blow blow water, until around 7 plus. FYI, this is mua first time to setia alam. x)

andrew left. we went to wingwing's shop at klang, had dinner there. at the moment drop chian back to her house, decided to overnight at my house because tomorrow we are working together. so pack her stuffs, then lek sent us home at around 10pm :)

- nice view O.O

- 5 starbucks! :D


Thursday, July 14, 2011

| 14072011 | * Happy Birthday JJ!

well, everyone did not sleep well; due to the nervous :) i sleep like around 130am and 3am i was awake. i was awake by a smell of chicken flavor maggie. i guess im hungry, yes i am .__. the smell seriously woke me up :( and i cant back into my sleep. therefore i opened up my laptop and start practice again. 

5 something early morning, make up and get ready for everything. 6am, called chian and wake her up. then drove to college area. had our breakfast in AC. and then we back to starbucks. start preparing and practice again and again. 

around 9 plus, start my very first presentation. according to miss's comment, overall is not so bad. luckily not many people in ze classroom. 

then ze second presentation was still okay as well. still, only the few of us in ze classroom. finally end and hooray! :D

went Sunway Pyramid with chian, yilin, huibin and ze birthday boy - JJ..!! went Sushi Zanmai to celebrate his birthday.

then look for camera for a little while, then we left. went home and rest a while. then out with Chian and Lek to Station One yamcha :) we're home around 2 something midnight, and Chian overnight mua house :)

Happy Birthday JJ! :)