Sunday, July 17, 2011

| 17072011 | * One Day Work.

woke up at 730am, get ready everything and light make up today; because im feeling so tired.

815am, out from house and start finding the working place. finally we cant find the way and we asked people who waiting for bus. btw thanks alot :)

then, met the boss and those workers. me and chian were chosen to be the greeter/door opener whereas yilin and huibin were chosen as ladies who guide the guests way for ribbon cutting.

during work, met a women so called a Datuk's sister. so damn lanci. i damn hate her. guess what? we have to stopped the guest going in the hall because opening ceremony is starting soon. so i stopped her and she told me ''oh yes ah? you know who i am actually? i am actually Datuk's sister you know?" so..........? so what? do you think just a sentence then i will let you enter? you are Datuk's sister but you are not Datuk. you, as a Datuk's sister, you should be more kind than others you know? not using your right to do these kinda shit stuffs. Fcukoff!  she samo asked her friends dont make friends like that, pointing at us, standing just behind me. WTH? what's the problem with you? luckily i only work for the very damn half day.

2pm, we left. we working with high heels, so damn tired. went home, shower and took nap. from 3pm to 7pm. then 830pm, went klang to had bakuteh with lek and chian, then sent chian home. 10 something, im home too :)

-our break time food.

- the greeter :)


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