Tuesday, July 26, 2011

| 26072011 | * Hangover II Premiere Screening.


today we woke up at around 1pm. then calvin and lek came to klang find us eat mum mum. we had bakuteh as our brunch. after brunch, went chian's house do something and chat until around 4pm then, follow calvin's car back to his home. then switch to lek's car and sent me home.

- Lilo first time sit Audi x)

these few days im kinda old, too tired? or too busy? or too old? i keep forgetting my stuffs. kinda worried. even i forgot today i've movie with yilin and yesterday i asked my sixta drove my car to work. so i got no car! :( luckily mami is at home, therefore i request to drove her vios.

we shower and prepared. and out from house. very nervous of driving but i feel proud :) reached there safely, collected movie tickets from the cinema. and then we went to have our dinner at Ko Hyang Korean Country Delights. yumyum and not very expensive. i likey likey  :) then we also went jusco, here and there walking around until 9pm, we enter for movie - Hangover Part II, damn funnay! 

11 something, movie ends. we went home and yilin overnight my house :)

- this is what we see in Jusco, cool right? x)


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