Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Today *\\31.03.2010//*

morning woke up at 8am, around.
basically we only slept for 2 hours plus.
obviously we skipped english class and have our food at my house.
then we leave around 11am.
and we went to metro and continue our assignment as well.
then went for printing and pass up,
we never present because of the tiredness.
and so,
miss maha ask us to pass up on the day we present.
which means,
what we rush is..

but not bad,
at least we finish one project already.
so we pass up on friday.

slept in lab for around half an hour,
because my eye really cannot open.
after that,
went sunway pyramid with chian, lam and yilin.
just a hang out for hunting food.

after that,
chian sent me and yilin home.
tiring day.

- done. =)

- mwahx! loveya! =)

- by kellye tan

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Today *\\30.03.2010//*

finally mass comm assignment due,
actually i dont know what research am i doing,
my girls too.
even seniors and baby dont understand what the topic mean.
what the hack.

by the way,
miss elli brought us to see our senior's graduation commencement's speech.
who knows,
once i enter the hall,
it's my baby presenting.
know what?
his mind totally blank.
and he start to nervous and forgot everything.
is my fault right?

well he never blame.
after classes,
went eat bak kut teh with chian, yilin and lam.
chian and yilin overnight at my house to do our IT assignment which is due tomorrow.
im always rushing things that due for the next day,
busy right?

chian drove us home.
shower and online for a little while,
then we went old town white coffee to do our assignment research and drink tea,
the tea that i always drank and never sleep.
around 1am,
yilin drove us back home CAREFULLY.
she's so serious because it's late at night and many words from calvin and me.
so we have to drive CAREFULLY and see CLEARLY around us.
thanks to yilin.

and start doing the assignment.
chian group with me and so that we're easily done because we both are together.
too bad that joyi cant overnight at my house,
because joyi group with yilin.
yilin was sitting all the while and look like dreaming.
she's getting more sleepy and sleepy because she hardly communicate and discuss with joyi.

we do the assignment until around 6am,
because of the old town tea,
it really works.
always stay me awake.

guess tomorrow will be dying style,
hope that we will have chance to play again!

- see my cute handwriting and the cute botak zaii. xD

- playing around.

- hope that flies never get into our mouth. xD

- =)

- by kellye tan

Monday, March 29, 2010

My Today *\\29.03.2010//*

finally mass comm project done!
and malaysian studies project done too.
malaysian studies presentation really sux man!
we got no well preparation at all.
damn weih.

after class,
stay back at starbucks again.
for doing the mass comm assignment which is due tomorrow.
yilin, gary and max was there with me too.
around 6 something,
they left lur.

i was there doing my assignment.
and then suddenly baby came!
he sit down and i was so surprise!
so happy nar me.

then we talk talk, chat chat, date date.
and he actually have to leave at 8pm,
but he ask his friend come and pick him at 9pm.
happiieeeeee larhhh!

around 9pm,
baby left and i continue my assignment and waiting for my mum.
loveya baby!

- busy texting who?

- love is in the air. :)

- i love this.

- but this is the best, because your warm smile melts my heart. :)

- by kellyetan

Friday, March 26, 2010

My Today *\\26.03.2010//*

it's Friday again!
what a busy week.
rushing all the assignments until what my mum also i cannot recognize.

finally done english group assignment,
english presentation,
IT test and Malaysian Studies test.
walao ehh.

next week im surely dying weih.
all the mass comm assignments, projects and a lot more!

and our multi purpose hall held the reconnect exhibition.
it's mass comm senior organize if im not mistaken.
took some pictures with my mates and lecturer.
love them lots!

- seniors and lecturer. =)

- me, chian, JJ, yilin, miss elli, jason and jonathan. =)

- doing assignment at starbucks again. x(

* credits photos from JC and Jason Tan.

- by kellye tan

Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Today *\\20.03.2010//*

it's saturday again!
and im gonna work again!
this is my last week to work.
i was kind of wondering should i work before i decide.
because i've got a lot of assignment due next week.
so i have to do it very rush.

today and tomorrow working at subang carrefour.
i saw many familiar faces there because near my college mar.
carrefour is more strict than giant.
even water also i cant bring in.
thirsty till wanna die.
this time im working as promoter.

still that show make me feel so tired.
well only for 2 days.
bear with it.

- by kellye tan

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Today *\\17.03.2010//*

It's Mass Comm Day 2010 Dude!

we wear semi formal and the committees wear formal.
kinda enjoy the event,
especially the drama part,
really laugh out loud.
damn funny. and of course i saw my Baby there.
happy plus happy,
im very happy.

mass comm day end at 4pm.
then me and my girls went for lunch and after that went to lab for our DIE assignment.
i still haven start yet.

a complicated feeling is in my heart.
actually i was so hope that mass comm day end faster because my baby wont be so busy and lack of time to be with me.
but another thing is,
i dont hope it end so fast because i was so enjoying during the event,
because i can see baby, this is his last semester.

- Hitz FM.

- can you see me behind there? ><

- can you see me now? xD

- hellooooo! xD

- chian's. =)

- mine. =)

- opening ceremony!

- woops, closing ceremony and group picture!

- baby's work is there! xD

- kell and chian in lab. x)

- kellyeeeeee.

*photos credits from christin lim.

- by kellye tan

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Today *\\16.03.2010//*

helloooo people!
tme is Mass Comm Day!
am i excited?
i got no involve of anything in this event but me, as a mass comm student, also feel excited!
and of course,
my baby is inside there marr.
i must go and support support.
Effort make success!

during mass comm class,
we go to the multi purpose hall to help them make card board.

then go for lunch with the girls,
and go for classes as usual.

Mass Comm Committees!
Good Luck!

- by kellye tan

Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Today *\\13.03.2010//*

it's saturday!
i've got work today.
work as Dutch Lady's Nutritionist.

this is my first work.
quite excited.
but of course a little bit scare also.
but it's not that terrible,
everything is still fine and stable.
know why?
because who's working?

stand for 10 hours.
not that tired actually?
but im wearing mami's shoe,
so a little bit pain.
because the shape of the shoe,
that's so not good.
but everything still fine.
same thing for tomorrow also.

- script book.

- game session.

- audrey.

- giraffe and me. xD

- kell and audrey.

- working.

- lobak and me. x)

- kellyeeeee.

- break time. x)

- by kellye tan