Monday, March 29, 2010

My Today *\\29.03.2010//*

finally mass comm project done!
and malaysian studies project done too.
malaysian studies presentation really sux man!
we got no well preparation at all.
damn weih.

after class,
stay back at starbucks again.
for doing the mass comm assignment which is due tomorrow.
yilin, gary and max was there with me too.
around 6 something,
they left lur.

i was there doing my assignment.
and then suddenly baby came!
he sit down and i was so surprise!
so happy nar me.

then we talk talk, chat chat, date date.
and he actually have to leave at 8pm,
but he ask his friend come and pick him at 9pm.
happiieeeeee larhhh!

around 9pm,
baby left and i continue my assignment and waiting for my mum.
loveya baby!

- busy texting who?

- love is in the air. :)

- i love this.

- but this is the best, because your warm smile melts my heart. :)

- by kellyetan

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