Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Today *\\02.03.2010//*

what a tiring day.
rushing many stuff these days,
until someone told me that i've changed into a quiet person.
did i?
maybe sometimes.

finally done IT assignment today and need to hand in tomorrow.
and finally IT test done by today.
means everything IT done.
what assignment coming next is left english.
and project coming next is mass communications.
and also test on next week for DIE subject.

i got no rest.
one week done this and coming week still will have other thing to rush.
honestly i'm tired of my life.
it's like everything not very success.

i wanna continue my english.
but no matter how busy i am,
i WONT let my blog die.

Time past day by day,
I realize more and more,
i understand what does it mean,
i will accept,
that's my fate,
that's my luck.

- by kellye tan

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