Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Today *\\28.02.2009//*

wake up early in the morning.
cause having seminar at sunway college.
science seminar.

i am so sleepy.
so i dont really know what tutor is teaching.
sad case.

and we went there too early.
and lai lai went there early too.
so we had breakfast together.
and chtting in class.

after seminar,
we went school for LM duty.
and after duty,
its raining.
then we went ipoh chicken rice for our dinner.
with hou yan, puiyi, mun mun, xin yuan and tong xuan.

from this duty,
i realize something.
but no one knows.

- before out from house.

- lai lai disturb my jacket. xD

- kell (:

- puiyi and kell.

- kell and lai.

- kell, puiyi and jo yee.

- amanda, kell, puiyi.

- amanda, puiyi, kell. (:

- xin yuan is sleeping. xD

- lalalalalala..~

- our seminar lunch. (:

- the Lalas :: kell and mun. (:

- kell and da. (:

- kell. capture by mun & da.

- great candid shot! xD

- by kellye tan

Friday, February 27, 2009

My Today *\\27.02.2009//*

today school day as usual.
but after school we all,
the whole class,
stay back for taking photos for the school magazine.

after school,
we took photos in class and after that,
we went squash room and continue take.
nothing special for today.
but just keep take photo only.

share the photo ya.
oh yaa,
some of the photos are not with me.
i'll get it after this.

ohh ya.
beside this,
ronald help hua hui to gel her hair.
and the way he helps,
he's just like very professional.
he got the pose!
and after that hua hui's hair also very yeng.

then i also ask him help me gel.
but no different.
cause my hair is long..~

- kell and yi xuan.

- behind the scene.

- the boys. xD

- the girls.

- kell and nald nald.

- the five of us. (:

- the gayers. xD

- the 4 boys.

- hui lin and kell. ( im hot lerhhh. xD )

- kell and shwu pui. (:

- kell and raylene.

- ahhh, puiyi run away..!!

- half half?

- finally we got it. (:

- ronald is helping hua hui to gel her hair.

- done~!!

- he's helping me too. ngeks.

- then yeow yeow come and disturb. xD

- the GELLER. xD

- kells (:

- yeow yeow and kell kell. (:

- Buaaahahahahahahahahahahaaha..!!

- hey hey little kellye ^^

- by kellye tan