Friday, February 29, 2008

Exam week [28/2 - 6/3]

Finally Friday!
End d exam for this week,
but gotta continue nez week..
Busy siaa.
Tmr tuition even Sunday aso dwn lepaskan me.
Sunday aso gotta tuition er.

Ytd exam seni and add math er..
The seni ar..
Firz time draw with full of heart but firz time draw till so cacat..
Mayb my class is art class,
so everyone draw until soo leng.
That time feel wanna cry..
Feel oneself inferior siaa..
After that stay back for add math.
20 quez i oni knw to do 4,
not sure de answer tim..!!
Sure fail one naa.
One digit number one naa..
Tot this time can pass all tim..
Impossible guar.

Somore today exam BM and science.
Firz essay i deno wat it mean..
thn simply write..
write till long long dee.
thn feel wrong..
go liquid all..
until left 2 wrds to liquid,
the teacher oni gv me a new paper say no nd liquid..
Also liquid finish dee laaa...~
Then i juz start d firz essay oni..
Left one hour..!!
You knw?!
The paper is 2 hour one lerh.
I juz start oni..~
How can i finish..?
simply write lur,
the words messy..
Write those not related thingy..
What rubbish aso add in laa..~
So i think..
Not that easy to pass..
Science, for me its okay ba.
Cause wake early in d morning and study about it.
But i saw my frn's book with same quez the ans not same with mine.
So i also quite worry about it.

Kellye Tan, Gambartahexxx..!!!!!

-by kellye tan

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My Today [26.02.2008]

Oh baby why..
Could you hurt me so long..~
Hurt me so long..

That song its not for me but for my bosom friend, Sam.
Ooh gosh!
Every morning he'll go canteen find me and my daughter, he's one who in our family. My bro, puiyi's uncle.
Then, in class always joke and play around..~
Even sometimes will go gai gai together..
But from Monday on,
he started to follow us to stay back and take lunch..
Maybe will feel that he's such annoying.

But actually he's okay.
He not bad. He's caring too.
But maybe some of my friend might don't like him?
Today in d class,
i sit beside him and told him,
everything i said, pls forgv me.
I told him that girls dont like a boy always following?
Always and always?
We should have our private time. Isn't?
Then he said he understand.
But he lookz hurt.
Im suffering too. I feel bad for myself that d way i talking to him.
And even he didnt did something wrong.
I only can keep on apologized and hope he'll understand.
I not mean anything but just..
Best Friend we can be.
But at least depands on time but not always.
So so sorry to him..~

In d tuition class,
Sam msg me..!!
He say sorry for bothering.
Oh my..!! I really not that mean larr..~
Really soo sooo baddd..!!
I think i should not talk that to him..~
sorry Sam~

Besides that,
today after school..
Going to tuition centre for dropping our bag.
988 FM was there..!
Oh goshh..!! One handsome there..!
Me and Tong's eye cant even look another side. Keep staring at him.
Discuss about is he handsome or not?
Far far, not bad.
Then i asked Tong,
if i go take pics with him how?
Then she said, go ahead..!
Then if take pics dee thn he ask us go play games?
Tong said one word consider yeng, YOU DARE I DARE.
= =0 Yeng nya..~

the handsome keep ask me go ply games but i duwan. xD
But try to talk much and joke joke..~
After a moment,
i saw him and i wave my hand ask him come to my area,
yes? he said.
come come come, take pics~ xD
Then he said.. huh? why?
Handsome maa.. xD
Cannot lerh.. boss there. you go thr i take with you.. go thr play..~
Duwan thn.~
Feel abit disappointed niaa.
Its okay. He dont know to strive for taking pics with me,
its okay~

got 2 singer there..
Playing games also.
But i deno who thy are.. xD
One with black shirt, far far see.. Not bad lurr.
But go nearly,
Oh God!!
Girl girl only..~
But another with red shirt not bad..~
Like it..!!
*only for reference..~ xD*
I prefer....
" 雨过天晴 "
xD I think Tong can get what i mean. =p
or " 一天的早晨 " also not bad wud.. xD

-by kellye tan

Sunday, February 24, 2008

::...23 & 24 Of February..::

Today and yesterday.
Same schedule.
Yesterday after seminar,
me and Tong went to Sunway Pyramid.
We meet puiyi up.
After that we gai gai,
eat eat,
take pics~
Then me and puiyi went to esther's bbq party.
There was few of CHS friends and Seksyen 4 friends.
We chat there and play.
But i quite tired.
So juz sit there and listen some songs.. Online..~
we back at about 10.30..~
And thn i might shower at home.
Sitting on sofa watching tv till slept..~

Today morning,
without alarm,
i was awake,
i'm getting ready to change my cloths and brush my teeth,
and i pack my stuff up and ready going to seminar at Sunway coll again.
After seminar,
same thing,
me n Tong went Sunway Pyramid again.
But we didnt meet puiyi up.
we gai gai,
eat eat,
And look for handsome.
Then argue for handsome..
For example,
i said the one who wear purple handsome,
she said the one who wear black handsome.
But honestly 2 aso not handsome.. ==0
But we juz playing around laa.
We're not that kind of ppl.
Cuz we oni love each others. =]
I loves her and she loves me too. <3

We took a lot of pics in da toilet!
Take about half an hour.
Around 8.30pm,
i back my home!! =]
What a great day i have!
But abit tired siaa. =]

-by kellye tan

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Form 4 life..

i have a bit, at least a bit time..
to hang out with my blogz...~
Since valentine's day until now i'm busying with school activities+stuff..
somore going to exam soon..
tuition here tuition there..
All the time are spend with my tuition..~
damn tired lar wei..~
if the schedule going on like this..
collapse man!!
very stress one you knw..~
Cant you imagine how a person keep hang out with books like hell?

i think i'll still left about 15 mins more for my internet.
after that i'll go for study, takes about 1 hours++..
After that i might take my bath?
Well well,
seriously i damn tired lerh.
Juz back home from tuition and eat rice only..
Then go for internet..~
No afternoon nap edi..~
Cuz while i reach home its already 6 something..
conclusion, tired larh!~ ==0

Coming Saturday,
Got add maths seminar..
Maybe after seminar going sunway for a shopping thn go for frn's opening house.
But thn i think mayb i'll cancel the planning cuz i need tuition..!?
Oh Goshh..!
How can it be!?
My life are going to up-side-down..~

Form4, honey moon year?
Maybe yes or mayb i don't agree about that..
Start a new form,
new subject..~
I'm going to siao with the add maths, account, science and ekonomi..~

Add maths,
i take myself for exam but i take tuition for d subject..
Can say is ''half cup''..~
i deno what the teacher talking about..
Always speak like chicken..~
But honestly,
tQ Alvin Loh..~
He teach me always. =]
But i dun understand why he so proo~ jealous siaa..~
Haihhz..~ not like me..
what reflex arc lar.. transmit wat impulses go where go where..
The teacher also one year saw her twice only..~
okok but still hard to understand..~
not quite understand what it saying about..~

Sooo many thingss...~
siao er..~ ==

-by kellye tan

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Special Valentine's Day =]

Today is Valentine's Day~ =]
After sch,
actually go pak tho pak tho with my dear dear Tong dee.
But i got tuition..~
And exam's coming soon.
I hope can score good result on this term exam?
Because i really try to study hard?
Because i really try to give up everything and study hard?
Who know, include me..~
Even myself don't know what i want,
how does you know?

But it's okay.
I always said that i don't know.
No one trust~
I always don't know what i want?
Just..~ whatever?

Alright forget about it.
After tuition,
I might going back home to rest..
Today is damnly tired..
Yesterday din sleep well,
even morning dun feel like waking up,
in bus in class aso i slept,
useless..~ still tired+sleepy..~
somore got pjpk..~
Oh Gosh!
Tired nya!!

Reach home,
order what i want to eat,
and my bro go and take d food for me at d shop thr..~
Then while eating,
"Ding Dong..."
An old man standing there, hand holding something..
I scare that's those bandit, holding something to cheat someone come out yet open d door thn..~~~
So i din open d door yet,
i asked him :yes?
he answered : is it kellye tan?
yea, i am.
and he continue : im come to delivery flowers.
oh? from who?
he answered : wei... keat..~
Oh i see..
I open d door and went out to get d flowers, and sign too. =]
Oh gosh!
Im so surprised that i've got flower firz time?
Seriously firz time.. =]
Surprise again today.
And plus abit scare scare.. xD
Cuz get shocked~
anyway really thank you very much. =]
very very muchiiez~~ =]

i've read d letter and d poem.
Nice poem..~
But dotz dotz..~
Deno what to say..
Deno what to say..
speechless sia but sweet+loving. =]

Happie Valentine's Day everyone! <3

-by kellye tan

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

\\*My Today*// [12.2.2008]


Today only sleep half period in class..
It so happened that,
Dicipline teacher walk over my class..
Then my dear Tong very very fast,
Then i wake and make nicely my hair..~
So scare kena my gold hair..~
luckily i din kena but my dearly Tong kena about d one stick of ear stick.
One stick aso wanna ngi ngi ngo ngo~
Also don't understand why sch not allow,

This week will be kinda busy er..
Today tuition tmr bowling, Thursday tuition+pjpk [sure very tired], Friday LM meeting..
Oh my Dear!
Maybe not only this week..~
Everyweek same same.

And ar~
Thursday Valentines day.
Wish every couples will be forever! Love each other more and care more yea. =]

My dear Tong burfdae =]
Happie Birthday Tong!!
Love ya. <3
Always guai guai =]
About d present~
Owe firz, will buy for you whn i rich..~ [man man wait..~]
Kai wan xiao!
Sure i'll buy her a moz special and nice present!
She's my lao po wud. =]

Alright i think i stop here firz.
Its time to go to d bed now.
Realli tired. zzz~

-by kellye tan

Saturday, February 9, 2008

\\*My Today*// `[9.02.2008]`

Early in d morning,
i woke up and pack my thingz.
Eat my breakfast..
Then my brother would fetch me to my daughter's house.
After that we went Sunway together with her family.

We go redbox,
wow cool!
First time my daughter would like to sing!
She's rockz!
Then we went to Sakae Sushi eat sushi,
Lou sang too..!
Great![salmon only.. xD]

Then we go Mini Toons,
she bought a nice bag. =]
Then she would like to accompany me for searching shorts.
i bought a same style as my wearing shorts.
But juz another colour.

Then we went to starbucks..
She wait for her parents and i wait for Wei Keat cuz i go visit his house. =]
After my daughter back,
Im starting to scare..
I got in his car and go his house.

His house soo big,
and his family are nice. =]
But im shy er.
Cuz only me,
i juz keep quite there+sms..~
His family are really nice. =]
They lookz like friends.
Muz cherish ya knw?

Then they gamble there..
I duwan..

Then they keep saying those not real d thingy..
What light bulb..
What kao this kao that.. = =0
Say wat Alvin cant kao thn Keat can..
Dono why are they talking those thingz.
Include my bro, sis, cousinz..~

Then his sis's bf fetch me home.
tQ~ =]
After that..~
Nothing much baa.
That's all for today.

Happie CNY dude!

-by kellye tan

\\*My Today*// `[8.02.2008]`

Gambler In Between..
Win jor money er..~
I duwan tell how much i win,
you guess?

family gathering also.
Cousins came my house to have a sit..

Gambler.. [so that i won some income...]
Sing Karaoke.. [so that i dun hv mic to sing, thn go redbox tmr..]

Tmr is Saturday!
Go redbox and Wei Keat's house buh!
But i go alone..
Scary nehhx..
Hope i have a wonderful tmr and everyone has enjoy your New Year..!

-by kellye tan

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Family Gathering.. [[6.02.2008]]

Happie Chinese New Year everyone! =]
Me and my family went to grandma's hse to have our reunion dinner. =]

We dance there,
sing there,
gambler too. =]

We play Blackjack,
In between too. =]
Nice nya.

Firstly i win 10+,
Then ar..
In between,
Kena tiang then have to pay double.
12 dollar er..~~~

Gambler got win and lose.
Forget about it. =]

Happie Chinese New Year. =]

-by kellye tan