Monday, September 9, 2013

| R4ND0M | * Hi Blog!

Beep Beep!
It's 9th of September and my blog does not update for like almost a month.
OHMYGOSH how can I do this?!

Well, I've moved to another level of my life.
Degree in university life is getting busy.
With lots of assignments, practical work, exam and so on.
It is also a challenge in my life whether I can achieve it, or I dont.
I really hope I can graduate without delay tho. 
I dont wanna resit, dont wanna fail and blablabla which wasting my time.

In life, every second counts.

I have lots of blog post never been update T.T
My blog used to be my diary/notes.
Whenever I wanna recall back what happens last few year, on which day, usually I refer to my blog.
But ahhhhhh, I'm fail to do so.
My birthday celebration this year, Christmas Day last year, and a lot of trip, concert...
I mean I can actually blog now, but it will never recall back the feeling on that day itself, agree?

Time flies, it's September.
Soon, I'm turning to 22 and gonna move to another level and taking another challenge which is studying at overseas again, ALONE T.T
God Bless!

Alright, I'm just random up here, ciaoz peeepo! :D