Friday, January 29, 2010

My Birthday!! *\\29.01.2010//*

Happy Birthday to Me,
Happy Birthday to Me,
Happy Birthday to Me-ee,
Happy Birthday to Me.

it's my birthday today.

thanks for friends that wish me and also gave me present.
i'm very appreciate.

it's my real birthday today.
and as i said,
i seldom celebrate on my real real birthday right?

got ffk by donggiiee.
honestly damn angry one nor.
but fine.
dated the whatever gang have lunch and also movie.
whatever gang which is,
amanda, puiyi, teck seang and jeeseng.
seehui leave us,
but jack join us.

after lunch at asia cafe,
jeeseng sent us to sunway pyramid and we watch Universal Soldiers.
this is a wtf movie.
damn disgusting,
wanna sleep inside also cannot because of the sound effect.

after that,
we went wong kok for mum mum,
jeeseng and jack stay for a little while and leave.
we never took photos.
then alvin's break time and he join us.

after mum mum,
went cinema buy tickets again.
then chit chat for a while,
teck seang left and me and puiyi watch The Spy Next Door,
this is a freaking nice movie.
if anyone wanna treat me movie can treat me with this movie k?
i dont mind to watch again.
freaking funny weih.

after that,
we went somewhere and buy some stuff,
met up peiling for a while,
chat for a little while.
also find jared cause he's working there.
he gave me cupcakes as birthday present.

then all leave.
and left me alone.
sitting and waiting Mr. Friday.
well due to some reason,
i not really convenient to show his name out.

we went for movie again,
tooth fairy.
okay okay movie i guess.
but not that nicer than the spy next door.

after movie around 11 something,
and i actually feel like going out yamcha with him but i promised that i will try my best to back home before 12am.
so i choose to go home.
he sent me home.

and this is a freaking surprise year for me!
know what?!
my family celebrate birthday for me!
they gave me surprise!
i going to cry soon weih.
and my parents gave me angpao!
this is really a special year for me.
guess the angels heard what i wish.
thankyou angels,
thankyou my family,
thankyou my friends.

- this is my first time to get this drink.

- i damn hyper! xD

- see, i soo hyper. xD

- puiyi and me. :)

- puiyi, me and alvin.

- teckseang, puiyi, me and alvin. :)

- nuiinuii and mami. xD

- i love my sexy side. xD

Because it's my birthday today,
so please allow me to post some syok sendiri's photos.
not much, 4 only,
please bear with my cute-ness!

Hope you guys didnt lost control and type 'I LOVE YOU' in your phone and ready to send to me.

- puiyi and me. :)

- thanks jared!

- thanks sister!

- thanks my family. :)

- thankyou. i really got a BIG BIG SURPRISE!

Happy Birthday!
i watched 3 movies in a day!

- by kellye tan

Monday, January 25, 2010

My Today *\\25.01.2010//*

hang out with college friends after class.
went sunway pyramid,
for celebrating my birthday.

treat them eat full house,
my first time of eating full house.
and after that we went for shopping!
bought my first Forever 21 shirt,
and also bought a something like jacket but not jacket.
in cotton on.

me, chian and yilin bought one series purple shirts!

after shopping,
we leave.

- JJ and me.

- Christine and me.

- girls of the day.

- shy JJ.

- Yilin.

- Chian.

- Im so cute, have to admit. xD

- group photos. :)

- leaving.

- my dears.

- Yilin.

- Mat and me.

You hurt me, i will always remember.

- by kellye tan