Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Today *\\17.01.2010//*

busy whole day today.
went out for lunch with mum, brother, grandmother and cousins.
after that went somewhere and see cars.
but i didnt test drive okayy.
i dont know how to drive.
we see proton persona, proton satria neo, perodua myvi and perodua viva.

satria neo is nice but only 2 doors,
for me is quite dangerous because if anything happen,
wanna ciao faster also need to go in one by one.

for persona,
it's really too big for me,
i scare.

for myvi,
it's quite heavy i think,
i dont really like it actually.

for viva,
is the most suit me one i think.
but the door very thin,
it just like a milo tin,
so it's very danger.

viva or myvi?
for me and my brother,
we both like viva lur,
but my mum quite worry me if i get viva because she said it's very dangerous.
i ask her,
if i get viva, you will worry, is it?
yes of course, she said.

for me,
i dont like viva nar.
but if my mum want me get myvi,
then i will just take it loo.
dont want her to worry if i go out late or what.
and she is the one who paying the money,
means she is the one who buy me a car ner,
why should i choose so many things?
which car she happy,
then it's okay for me.
because i love her.

after see the cars,
then went IOI with my mum,
see some clothes, went popular and went jusco.
something made me very angry there.
my mum was rushing to dinner.
so she dont wanna pay credit card,
then the cashier malay girl wearing a mask that made by plastic,
it's like plastic bag.
then she ask very soft,
i only can hear she said what card card,
then guess my mum thought she ask my mum pay credit card is it?
then my mum keep answer cash cash.
then she shout at my mum,

the people that Q up behind looking at my mum,
my mum said no.
then she use her eye sight and guatt my mum.
what the?
what is this service?
jusco good service with smiling face?

she already make me very unhappy to her,
but never mind.
then when my mum realize she forget to weight the timun,
so when she wanna take that,
my mum said,
ini saya terlupa timbang,
tak payah lar.

then she look at my mum with that eye sight again,
i damn angry,
i damn dulan already okayy.
what service is this?
who is customer now?
you are worker, is this what you suppose to do?
only few things,
she takes TWENTY MINUTES to make it.
she is SO DAMN SLOW.
behind already Q up so long.
she purposely.
or she wear mask because she sick?
and she sick so she slowly?
go home lahh,
don't act hardworking there.
work until not happy then don't work,
i am your customer,
not your dog okayy,
dont have to see my mum like this.

and you have no right to see my mum like this,
our level is different okayy.
you work for people,
please respect,
i am your customer.

i am very angry,
i wanna mark down her name and port her but her name tag terbalik already,
so i couldn't see her name.
i am very angry,
i purposely said loud,
kenapa kenapa.. lu customer kah saya customer,
lu kerja kerja baik baiklahhh,
buat apa.. tak mau kerja balik rumah,
i face my mum and talk that.
cause i really very angry already.
and she is so damn slow motion okayyyy.

what lah JUSCO,
train out their worker like this one ahh?
JUSCO always give me good impression in everything one okayy.
now what,
nothing much reason,
i wont go JUSCO!
she scold my mum,
maybe you guys will feel so nothing,
but i am protecting my mum okayyyyy.
i not always have chances to hang out with my mum,
and she is rushing but still spend time with me today.
actually very happy nor,
but because of her make me feel so sux towards JUSCO.

please train nicely,
keep a look for your worker.
if i got her ame,
i sure complain her.
and write her name out here.
damn her.

- kellyetan.

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