Monday, January 18, 2010

My Today *\\18.01.2010//*

class as usual today and end our class at 12pm.
sit joyi's car and went sunway pyramid for movie.
with some of the classmates.
joyi, jonathan, JJ, chian, yilin and me.

reached there,
went papa rich to take our lunch.
we have got lot of time because our movie starts at 2.45pm.

after lunch,
girls went shopping and boys went shopping too.
girls with girls and boys with boys.
2 boys and 4 girls.

saw many clothes and a bag that i desire to have it.
the bag i think i got no effort to buy that buy some of the clothes i might can get it.
maybe the next outing they celebrate for me and i will buy it.

joyi bought a pair of ear rings and JJ bought a new bag.

after that,
we met up outside cinema,
we watch Tiger Woohoo.
it's a okay movie for me only.
i know many people said it's so funny but i feel okok only lur.
after movie,
everyone left.

* i wait chian to send me some photos. *

love you guys.

- by kellye tan

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