Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Today *\\13.01.2010//*

It's another day.
wondering how's my day today?
nothing much but a pretty day.

Yesterday probably stay up late for doing some english homework.
because the lecturer is quite tough and she gives us pressure.
and i dont know how to do her work.
so i have to discuss with mua friends in msn.

so today obviously i'm freaking tired and not really concentrate in the class.
this is the disadvantage of sleeping late!
and this morning i wake so early for making up some more.
is this my first day of making up to school?
i guess so.
nothing different but seems good looking a bit.
but not that obvious nar.

around 2pm,
my mum came to college and pick me up.
and i follow her work everywhere.
and also have lunch with her.
around 5pm,
i am home, finally.

and remove the make up,
6pm i have a nap and i set alarm 9pm.
but know what time i woke up?
what the freak me.
then i faster went shower and also eat my dinner.
after that rush homework again.
guess tomorrow will very tired again.

- just wake up look. after make up.

- not obvious right? :)

- by kellye tan

1 comment :

Anonymous said...

sha po...hahahhaha...
finally..i visit ur blog liao..
woo~so nice la..
till now still got mood to write blog..
i got 1 month like tat din uload my blog liao..
wahhh...nice to meet u la.."bad" girl..hahahah
tak k jor..

arr chiaN