Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Today *\\07.01.2010//*

oohh yeshh!
finally my thursday class over.
my thursday class is from early 10am until 6pm.
and i have to wake at 8am.
this is so tiring!
this can cause i no mood to go for night market.

finally finished my class today and..
yes everything is still okay.
but around 5.10pm,
i mean after 5.10pm,
i was all the way dreaming,
i was very sleepy already.
i have no idea what the lecturer is teaching about but..
i guess she know that i sleepy,
she try to talk some jokes and yes the classmates laugh but i dont.
maybe i am tired and dont have the mood to joke with her?

yeaaa anyway,
i still love my college.

the people there is not that scary,
and they are fun and nice.

ohh goshh,
tomorrow my class is at the morning 9am,
this is so freak.

i got dont have the mood to online i guess.
and i have slightly headache now,
guess i wanna go to have a rest.

i miss you yesterday, today and tomorrow!
all the day, i never stop missing you any second.

- by kellye tan

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