Friday, January 8, 2010

My Today *\\08.01.2010//*

woke up arund 7.45am,
get ready for everything and out from house.
tied up my hair today because i feel that my hair is a little bit messy.
look like a crazy lady.
tied it up and look clean and fresh.

today we learnt about photoshop Digital Editing Image and with short cut we call it DIE SUBJECT.
kinda.. dont know what am i doing,
because of the lag computers and..
is it the teacher go too fast?
or i am the one who slow?
because everybody look okayy yeaa?

around 11am,
went asia cafe and have lunch with the girls again.
after that went back college and have IT subject.
it's kinda bored,
and my mind is thinking a lot of things,
for example..

why he didnt reply me?
should i stay till 2pm then?
if he's stil not replying me how am i going to manage myself go home?
should i wait for his reply?
or i should just call my mum and ask her come pick me up at 1pm?

thinking and thinking and lost the concentration.
but never mind,
i will catch up myself,
i will do revision myself.
i will ask my seniors, friends or lecturer if i still dont understand.

okay finally i get his reply,
he's weak and not coming to college.
so i text my mum and she ask brother pick me up at 1pm.
but today is friday,
very very very very jam.
we stuck everywhere.
around 2.30pm only i reached home.

more while then,
went out with Blurie and he take his lunch,
i yam cha.
not yam cha,
should be yam juice.

chat a lot of things,
interesting, exciting, happy, sad, anger, disappointed.
what also chat.
these feelings also i have while we're chatting.

around 5 something,
Blurie sent me home and right now i'm obviously blogging.
later at night maybe going tesco with sister.

today mean a lot to me.

- by kellye tan

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