Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Today *\\12.01.2010//*

today i see his shadow,
and we never talk today.
yes of course i miss you.

but besides missing him,
today i enjoy my class.
i am slowly to get know all the friends in class.

by exchanging the facebook and also try to talk with them,
find topics.
pass by,
give a smile to them.

yes today i am trying to get close to them.
our class is just a small group,
that's great isn't?
faster get close,
presentation also not that scare.

we've 2 hours break time,
and try to mixing the friends around.
and get to know each other.

after break,
me, huibin and yilin is in a group.
and the lecturer gives us some topic to discuss about it.
i am the one who stand up and present it,
and i am not afraid at all,
just that a little bit shy and worry about my grammar.
yes it's cool when you get close to the friends.
everything not afraid at all.

today our class dismiss early.
we actually end at 6pm but lecturer let us go around 5.30pm.
because everyone is tired,
i can see that.

on the way going home,
traffic very jam,
and my mind is still missing you.
was kinda upset that today not talking to you.
but then a rainbow is just in front of me.
i'm not upset anymore,
at that moment,
i smile.
because i know that i'm not alone.
and rainbow shows me the hope.

- can you see that? right hand side.

- by kellye tan

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