Monday, November 30, 2009

▪ random post.


tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow!
Prinsip Perakaunan.

i dont know how to do, many.

Hope i can get a credit.

i haven't touch yet.
tomorrow after school,
i have to swallow the form 4 and form 5 science into my stomach.
is it possible?
i dont think so.


goodluck everyone.

- by kellye tan

▪ how i feel.

我舍不得你 yeah yeah~

*song by 郑秀文*

SPM going to end SOON.
another 14 days, around.

i wish SPM never end so fast,
i will be damn freaking miss you guys much.
believe me?

i prefer everyday sms with mua friends and ask about,
do you go to library tomorrow?
do you go to library tomorrow?
do you go to library tomorrow and,
do you go to library tomorrow.

in the library,
what you wanna eat later?
what you wanna eat later?
what you wanna eat later?
harr, chicken rice again?
harr, old town again?
harr, ban mee again?

these sound,
i will never hear it again after SPM.
i prefer stay in SPM.

i miss you guys weih.

SPM end,
its the real graduation i guess.
for me and seksyen 4 friends?
and also for me and catholic friends?

because we will seldom meet,
and also never have chance to study together.
some of the friends will go for national service, few months.
some of the friends migrate, if they were rich.
some of the friends went other places for continue their life.

If this world never have friends,
will we live better?
if positive thinking,
we might never get hurt or wont have any feeling towards each other,
when that person have to leave,
you're just like nothing at all.

but if negative thinking,
if this world never have friends,
never have feelings,
this world might be a very mean world.
maybe we will be killing each other,
we will never have a helping hand.

i miss you guys lots,
more than you guys will never understand how i feel.

- by kellye tan

Saturday, November 28, 2009

My Today *\\28.11.2009//*

went library.
with jasmine, puiyi, ronald, zhihong and alvin.
did only 1 question.
because i reach late and we went for lunch together.

during heavy rain,
joseph called and ask whether wanna eat together or not.
we've already ate but we feel like going for yamcha.
but then my mum is on the way coming.
sad siaa.
next time then.

i am so tired today.

- heavy rain.

- by kellye tan

Friday, November 27, 2009

My Today *\\27.11.2009//*

it's public holiday.
library closed.

went school to studies with friends.
just a small study group.
puiyi, likchin, alvin and me.
4 potatoes.

many ants on the table.
didnt did much accounts,
only 2 questions i think.

around 5pm,
puiyi's baba sent me back again.
and i felt so lonely.
because i am always alone at home and face the walls.
and always order the food to eat,
already very bored.

wrote about that on my facebook status,
guess my sister saw and suddenly called me and ask me whether wanna go for a movie or not.
MULAN in One Utama, midnight show.
i am kinda tired,
but i feel like going and of course i did.

around 3am,
we both finally home.

- by kellye tan

Thursday, November 26, 2009

▪ My Today *\\26.11.2009//*

woke up around 9.10am,
and received call from joseph,
he said : i come now loo, around 9.45am will reach.
scared me.
i haven shower ler,
still blur blur lying on the sofa.

faster woke up and rush rush,
around 10am,
joseph reached.
zhengyi's in his car too.
joseph purposely come puchong and fetch us ya?

after that,
went back sentosa and pick up leong.
then we went state to take our breakfast.

after breakfast,
went back library and start doing account.
i seriously know that this SPM i wouldn't get ANY A.
my account,
fine lah,
i think i got credit i already have to feel happy.
because A,
its really too hard for me.

around 4 something i guess,
went for lunch and back to library and continue mua account again.
they all..
never touch book nor.
i mean carine and joseph.
kokonn, leong, zhengyi anlie and ME also got touch.

around 6pm,
carine sent me home and was plan to go pasar malam with darren and maybe met tihau they all for a while.
darren said 7pm.
from 7pm i wait till 9pm....
he ffk me..
he said his manager dont let him go,
never mind loo.

face the wall alone, again.
if i know he's not going i sure follow tihau they all one loo.

whatta bored day for me.

- by kellye tan

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

▪ My Today *\\25.11.2009//*

Happy Birthday to the Whatever See Hui.
well i have to apologize here because i never even send her a message to wish her.
i keep on forget.
but i remember its her birthday today.
i am sorry my darling.
Hope you get enjoy with mathieu they all?

woke up around 12pm,
jasmine came to mua house.
for what?
nothing much but spend time with me.
movies, talk craps and online, eat mum mum.
something like that,
macam very enjoy hor?

she said came there to study but she did not.
i also didnt touch book today.
but i will control myself,
tomorrow i will touch book.

around 6pm,
jasmine went home.
and i am alone at home and face the wall again.

- by kellye tan

▪ random post.

The moment we study together,
The moment we cheer for each other,
The moment we give our hand to hold the another,
Is the moment to fight the war together.
And the one who give you help,
who cheer you up,
who stay by your side when you need some support.

These are what we called FRIEND.

- chyotihau.

- kellyetan.

- chyotihau is trying to explain to kellyetan.

- chyotihau's explanation very funny.

pictures' on 171109.

- terziyang.

- kellyetan.

pictures' on 211109.

thanks to jasmine, the photographer.
she always take photo so that i got photo to blog.

- by kellye tan

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

▪ SPM *\\24.11.2009//* (2)


after library,
around 5 something,
sister come and pick me up and we went Ipoh Chicken Rice to eat AGAIN?!
what the,
i going to turn tasteless.

after eat,
went office until 7.30pm,
a last minute planning to go one utama together with sam also.
cause having J card member day?
and many things 50% - 70% discount.
only today and tomorrow.

what i bought?
but yes i am serious,
i bought bra.
and also jackettttt!

you guys must be stunt and open your mouth big big.
jacket again?
i am sorry that i love jacket very muchiieeee!

this time i bought a red one.
new year?
but i love it.
thanks for mua sister who paid money for me.

and i am freaking tired for today,
went out for the whole day.
and yesterday only slept for around 3 hours,
i cant believe that i can stand till now.
quite proud of myself,
i am so strong.

and a bad news,
for those who watch 毕打自己人,
a actor - 陈鸿烈 ( 烈哥 ) 饰 闫器/大闫生 had passed away because of heart attack.
rest in peace,
and i dont know how's the movie going on.
he's a great actor.
cant believe that he passed way out of sudden,
in his movie,
show's that he's strong and funny.
rest in peace.

- kellye tan

▪ we share together. ♥

Just found out that Evan Yo's new album is very nice!

His song is so..
enjoyable and it is so lovely OMG.
i wanna buy it!

His album name:-


and mua blog's song also one of the song in his album.
i'm lovin it!

- by kellye tan

▪ SPM *\\24.11.2009//*


currently kellyetantan is in library,
what the?
people come library to study but i come here to online.

no choice wud,
my house internet dont know what happen,
cant online.

and i am a crazy blogger,
no blog, no life.

today finished moral paper and,
i guess my result will between pass and fail.
i am not sure but the majority is fail.
but i've tired my best.

tomorrow i will not having add maths exam,
because i have no add maths.

gooooooooooooooooooooooood luck!

today's moral paper until 10.30am only.
after moral paper,
amanda, alvin, puiyi and me went old town by sitting alvin's car.
of course not he drive nar.
his mum send us there.

then they eat at Mc dong dong,
and i dont eat loo.
i dont like wud.
met up jasmine and went old town eat with her.
Old town again,
can i delete the list in my mind?
their order menu i already can memories all.

and after old town,
then i am here,
to............ ONLINE..!!

i miss my blog,
i miss my facebook,
i miss my friends for sale,
and i miss my barn buddy.
but this poor little computiieee cant play barn buddy,

needda download adobe flash,
but i have already downloaded,
but still cant play.
why why why?

okay i guess i have to stop my blog here.
cause now i have nothing to blog about but just that i miss mua blog.

good luck!

- by kellye tan

Monday, November 23, 2009

▪ SPM *\\23.11.2009//*

Have maths subject for my SPM today.
after exam,
kinda moody cause i guess my A no more already.
cause i dont know how to do.

after school,
brother send me home and i slept for few hours.
slept around 3pm til 6pm and woke up cook some soup and drink.

this whole day,
i only drink a cup of coffee early morning before school and also a small piece of cake and the bowl of soup.
after i finish the soup,
went my room and memorise for my moral subject tomorrow.

my moral never pass before,
but of couse this is SPM,
Pua Chu Kang always said,

so i will try my best to pass my moral.

at night around 9pm,
i get gastrick.
then went papa rich in kenari with mua sister and eat with her.
and tomorrow my mum went thailand,
out station, again.
guess friday me and mua sister will go KLCC and pick her up again.


- by kellye tan

Thursday, November 19, 2009

▪ SPM *\\19.11.2009//*

finish 3 papers today.


6 more papers to go!

How's my exam today?
BI is still okay for me but my report i did mistakes for the format,
guess will deduct some marks from there.

all the rubbish in my mind,
i just throw into the paper.

I got confident that i will surely fail.

tomorrow i have no exam!
until coming Monday.

ready your money to buy me a pie.

- by kellye tan

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

▪ SPM *\\18.11.2009//*

Finish BM papers today!
i can throw all my BM books away!

die already.
*shake my head and no eye see*

between pass and credit gua?


tomorrow's paper,
BI and Sejarah 2.

i will only touch BI today, i guess?
if still got time only i molest my Sejarah.

i miss you soooo much my dear!

- by kellye tan

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

▪ goodluck! :D

Good Luck & All The Best to the Form 5.

*bless me*

- by kellye tan

Monday, November 16, 2009

▪ random post.

these days keep on raining,
rainy day makes people burst out their laziness.
for example- ME.

2 more days to go.
exam starts.
honestly i am very tired nor.
not really,
but maybe tomorrow i will.

went tuition at puiyi's house just now.
2 and half hour,
i am going to faint.

tomorrow is the last day for me to ready everything.
bless me people.

i love you guys lots.
will we gather and study together during SPM?
i hope so.
cause i really love you guys lots, more than i can say.

sorry for the misunderstand.
i didnt know you will thought i am playing.
i am not play girl.
i am sorry my dear.

- by kellye tan

Sunday, November 15, 2009

My Today *\\15.11.2009//*

woke up at 2pm,
my parents do so.

ready everything,
went out from house on 4pm.
went The Gardens.
see the home living fair in MidValley.
met up sister for a while.

around 6pm,
went Signature and also met up brother's girl and waikit.
my partner of the day- WaiKit.
i sit with him during movie.

nice show and yes,
you have to watch.
also have to get the message from the movie.

after movie,
went Ipoh Chicken Rice outside my school for dinner.
what the... there again?
my brother nar,
wanna eat there.
i eat till bored already.

after dinner,
went home.

- picture of the day- KellyeTan.

- by kellye tan

Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Today *\\14.11.2009//*

went out with mum from morning till late evening.
and i didnt go library today.
and i didnt study.
kinda worry.

around 6 something,
i am home and i take nap for around 2 hours,
because i lack of sleep,
yesterday 5am only sleep.

around 9pm,
woke up and eat my dinner.
and of course i worry,
went room and study for an hour.
and then rest for a little while,
and continue study again.

and around 1am,
my eye really very tired.
and i stop my study today.

tomorrow will go MidValley to watch 2012 with family and my brother's friend.
The Gardens- Signature.
but i hope after movie then can go home,
i wanna rush on my revision,
dont really have mood to go gaigai with them first.

- plan plan.

- bored. LOL.

last 3 days left.

- by kellye tan

Thursday, November 12, 2009

▪ random post.


i did revision today.
yes i am so happy.

But after few hours,
i am very bored.
like this.


never mind,
i will put more effort.

- by kellye tan

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

▪ Graduation 041109 - Belated post.

graduate today.

after graduation in the4 school,
went Redbox with tong, puiyi, amanda, ronald, kaijin, zhihong and alvin.

after Redbox,
take taxi to Yun's house.
and i am very tired,
even slept on Yun's bed.

around 11.30pm,
puiyi's baba sent me home.

- puiyi and me.

- kell and huilin.

- kaijin and me.

- kell and zhihong.

- rayelene and me.

- nald nald and me. (:

- kell and chianwen.

- natasha and me. (:

- likchin and me.

- kell and yuanfong.

- xianzhong and me.

- kell and schummen.

- kell and simxie.

- huilin, rayelene, kell and puiyi.

- xianzhong, puiyi, kell and tong.

- they said dont know where to stick, so i stick on my face. :D

- alvin? kell and puiyi.

- huilin, me and puiyi.


- datin~ BYEBYE.

- jenglok, likchin.

- ronald.

- yauseng's hand. LOL.

- kell busying? LOL.

- class shirt. (:

- saw my name? heh.

- high gei-ing with our class shirt. xD

- banner.

- i'm always proud of being one of the member of LEMBAGA MAINTENANCE. (:

- nald nald.

- englum and me.

- nald nald.

- tong and kell.

- kellye.

- kellyetan S-Y.

- sing sing. (:

- our lyrics with photos. special one. (:

- our class. (:

- the form six.

- kell and foo chok.

- kell, seehui and puiyi.

- kell, mun, Pn. Chia, houyan and puiyi.

- annice's.

- kell and narongrit.

- kayean and me. (:

- xietong and me. HE'S SOOOO CUTE! :D

- kell and qihong.

- kell and yeehliang.

- jiayong and me. * look like i'm sitting on his leg* LOL!

- kell, Mdm Chee, puiyi and tong.

- teacher and friends. * I LOVE THIS PHOTO *

- kell and xinyuan.

- yongqing and me.

- kell and sophia.

- mua leg. *sexy right?* and tong's leg. :D

- redbox.

- kell and nald nald.

- tong, kell and nald. (:

- tong and kell. (:

- group photo. :D

- kell and alvin.

- kell and nald nald.

- kell and kaijin.

- kell and zhihong.

- puiyi and kell.

- leave loo.

- BBQ.

- red wine. o.O

- lamb chop.

- food. LOL.

- yun's room.

- i slept. LOL. haha.


- by kellye tan