Sunday, February 27, 2011

|27022011 | * Mummy's Day! x)

woke up at around 1pm, awwh so tired! text-ed puiyi ask her whether are we going out study but then we have to wait. i continue sleeping on the bed for an hour, i guess?
after that woke up, brush my teeth and had my lunch - chicken rice. then watch tv, dreaming, doing nothing.. until around 4.30pm, still waiting puiyi =/ then end up i cancel the revision, i follow my mum went to pasar and be ah sum x) buy fruits, veges, fish and something. then went to grandmother's house.

chat with grandmother, accompanied her a while. left at around 7 something. home, shower and wait mami cook dinner. im starving, she cook so slow. =x HAHA, end up i ate my dinner at around 9 something tho. but still eat until full full :)

then, study a little little in room but not much, because im headache! i cant face laptop for long and see the words, very bad headache. dislike! x( do a bit notes in a few piece paper, hope that i can get up tomorrow and went college early and study inside car or somewhere else. *hopefully im not late* and hope that my headache lost and get away from me tomorrow so that i could do that :S

according to the condition of my head and brain, im not going to study and im here to blogging and listening to BEAST's song! (:


Saturday, February 26, 2011

| 26022011 | * Revision.

woke up at around 11am. texted puiyi and get ready of everything. then pick her up and went shiok cafe together, that time was around 1pm already. started to do our assignments and do mua revision.

revision revision revision revision revision until......... around 6pm, we left. why are we leaving so early? because got people fight in outside there, got front door and side door. they fight at the side door, so we quickly pack up our stuffs and cabut.

back to puiyi's house, then rest, joking, laughing, kacau and play games. until around 8pm, went to old town kopitiam and continue study. while typing this post, i feel that im so hardworking xD bu yeah its kinda tired because use the eye and concentrate for the whole day. imagine from 1pm until 10pm. O.O

at old town until around 10pm, sent puiyi home and i went home as well :)


Friday, February 25, 2011

| 25022011 | * Your Foot Print That I Would Follow.

class as usual today. joined puiyi's class after my class but the lecturer didnt notice at the first until the end. well its okay i know im kinda.... O.O

went sunway pyramid after class, had lunch at sushi king. then met up jeeseng and teckseang. chit chat for a little while, then we left cause we're watching movie.

watch No String Attached. hmm actually the storyline is like macam macam lar, because they cut alot, so the storyline become not so perfect and weird weird. so i dont really satisfy with that honestly, but it is funny i can tell :) rating for the movie is 2.5/5

after movie, met the guys up again. went shilin and buy foods. then went tea lady to had bubble tea. chit chat for a while then, they left. =/

after that, left me and puiyi dreaming there for around 15 minutes. then next round we went here walk walk, there walk walk. and continued by sushi king and eat back the same food. LOL. their soup curry rice is nice weih! x)

after dinner, went to pierce ear ring again. WTF again?! NOLAH! pierce back the same hole cause already closed. finally pierced. :)

then then, walk for a little while and we left. sent puiyi home and im home too :)

i would just follow your foot print wherever you go.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

| Nuffnang | * Beastly Contest

Well, Nuffnang is offering PREMIERE SCREENING again! ;DD excited right? BEASTLY, a modern Beauty and The Beast story :) I still remember my mum used to tell me this story when i was a kid. I can remember the story well because its touched, awww!

Now, what would i do if i were a Beast and im given a chance to prove that i am worthy to be human again? Did you ever think about that before? Now, let's this! ;DD

Hmm, lets see how does a Beast look like?

Now let me introduce him to you guys, his name - BEAST.
What can we judge him according to the picture above? Make it easier, i use point form :)

He is,
- ugly
- giant size
- scary
- rude
- arrogant

Seems so pity right? He must be low self esteem. =/ Alright! Then now, if i were a Beast and im given a chance to prove that i am worthy to be human again, only ONE chance, i would comb my hair well and prove to the people although im ugly but im clean and tidy. Then, i would smile more, to prove that im not scary at all. Besides that, i would help the people who need help and give more caring to the others, prove that im not arrogant. Moreover, i would watch the other's behavior and learn to be more mindful and tender , prove that although im giant size but im not rude at all.

As you know, nowadays people only look for the outside but not inside. Handsome? Rich? but actually they are proud and not helping the others, being rude to the others? Pretty doesnt mean everything, because their inside might not as perfect as what we predict.

Through this blog post, i hope i can change people's mind. Hope they know that ugly doesnt mean everything, as long as you have the pretty heart, people will know. I hope they get the message of Love Is Never Ugly.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

| 23022011 | * Nail Polish!

today, selalu dan biasa, went college early and study in starbucks, together with puiyi and teckseang. the very finally, i parked in front of starbucks, yay! i achieve of what i want! LOL. i know that's kinda crazy but the feeling is awesome! x)))

then went class as usual. class end, actually still wanted to stay back study with puiyi, but very randomly, we went sunway pyramid for movie.

sunway pyramid, went shilin and sushi king had our lunch. then went to buy movie tickets. walk walk, bought file and nail polish which is dark blue color. YEAH I DISLIKE BLUE. but this one, far far away, you cant actually see its blue. x) nice nice! guess how much is it? RM15.90 man! WTH, skin food. LOL. but i like it so i got no choice.

watched Burlesque. wow the movie is so damn effing awesome! rating 4.5/5. its so damn nice! because i like movie which is dance and sing songs. maybe if you dont, then dont watch lur. x)))

after movie, then went home (:

you know, sometimes when the feeling is so suffer,
i really feel like giving up.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

| 22022011 | * Meaningful Day :]

went college with rush because woke up late. little bit of traffic jam scared me alot, just like the chicken running everywhere on the floor x))))

class as usual for journalism and PR. im paying 5% concentration for PR because im boring. HAHA. find friend sms and chatting with the dears overthere. making lecturer keep on looking at us. WTH. met changmeng which is the LM exex-PRESIDENT in the college, i knew he's from inti but nilai, he came here for donations. talk to him few sentences, then sayonara =x

class end, went home and nap from 4pm to 7pm. then sent sister go out. after that then traffic jam-ing until im home. -.- then help mami do her stuffs again, her stuffs is kinda annoy me sometimes. =x shhh dont tell her :))))

but she said among us, im the one who can help her alot with the paper work. LOL. she said brother also can but he's lazy. WAHAHAHA. then i told her i also wanna lazy why she dont let me to be lazy. then she said brother will show her the face which is she dont like. then i replied her, saying that i wanna learn from my brother, ask him to teach me what face is that, so damn powerful. WAHAHAHA.

around 9pm, went to had dinner with mua lovely sister. :)


Monday, February 21, 2011

| 21022011 | * The Overslept Mistakes.

went college early morning with miss gohpuiyi. as usual, revision in starbucks and had a cup of vanilla latte ;)

until 12pm, went class in studio. learn to be a director and im the worst director ever. HAHA x) after that, follow chian's car and sent yilin home. then had maggie as my lunch at her house, thankiee thankiee! :) tomyam, its effing spicy! after makan, my stomach dont feel good =S

rush back to college, had BM Presentation today, but we are just standing outside there and only joyi is presenting, she represent our whole group which is me, chian and sooyong. she did very well. luckily im not the one who present, look scary and she really good in BM, better than mine damn alot. =x

after that then, went home with puiyi. planned to had dinner together and then send her home but fail. because of my tiring. LOL. slept on sofa and overslept. from 7pm straight till 1am. she already balik rumah and she had gastric because of me, feel so guilty :( im so sorry darling puiyi. =/ and her files and other stuffs is in my car. :( guess is because my mum is at home, so she not dare to wake me up. =/ mami why are you at home? LOL.

after woke up, had my DINNER. then help mami do her office stuffs until 5am. WTH. -.-


Sunday, February 20, 2011

| 20022011 | * Revision.

woke at 2.30pm today. yes i know its very late and yeah i admit im a pig, a carrot pig =/ and my eye is still sleepy. WTH. yesterday help mami do something until 4am only go to the bed, no choice :(

woke up and eat maggie as my BREAKFAST because nothing for me to eat and nobody at home, what a Saturday =/ guess i have to date people out. at last, dated puiyi aka my daughter out to study.
we out at around 4pm, she came and pick me up because i got no car. went IOI Boulevard, Pacific Coffee Company. Its kinda Starbucks, Coffee Bean or something, similar.

went there study straight until 9.30pm only we leave. went shiok cafe to had our dinner. after dinner, around 10.30pm, went her house to help my mum print something because my printer dead yesterday. *prays hard* i wanted to get a new one, pro one and nice one! i cant stand this printer anymore, since quite a long time ago i already feel like changing this stupid printer away. =/

guess what? yesterday when i print something and the paper keep on jaming and i told my mum i want to change this, it had problem already. then she said, no need lahh, still can use mahh. then when this morning i told her i cant print your stuff because this printer macam got problem. guess what? she say, CHANGE IT LAH FASTER! LOL. i wonder what she want -.-"

okay back to the topic, after print. puiyi's baba sent me home. thankiew! :)


Friday, February 18, 2011

| 18022011 | * Convention At JW Marriott.

cloudy day, woke up early again. reached college at around 7am and the sky is still dark. parked at a very very nice place, somewhere near starbucks, wanted to park in front of starbucks but got no chance, huhu =x

coincidently puiyi parked beside me. went in her car listen to radio and do something else. realize i didnt bring my file out. OMGOSH. my everything is inside weih =/ went asia cafe with puiyi and teckseang, chat there until around 8am, pay for parking and met chian. went asia cafe again with her, puiyi and teckseang left and go for class. we have class also but we late.

had my tomyam and went class and lecturer didnt teach at all. its presentation on monday. i wonder how it goes. class end and straight to the tv production class. get 3 piece of papers from chian. thankiew! but lecturer need more than 3 pieces paper today. -.-" and he was like dont let me out of the class, so i text-ed puiyi and asked her can she bring me some papers. when i walked to the door, then the lecturer asked, ahh, where you wan to go? LOL. then i collect paper from puiyi and he says, paper supplier? LOL. anyway, thankiew to puiyi too! x)

in class assignment with sarah. 11am, class end and met up chian and yilin for a very little while. then left. home at around 11.30am, took a short nap for around 2 hours?

2.45pm, woke up and change clothes. went JW Marriott with sister cause have convention and dinner as well. blablablablabla then, dinner. LOL. spent like kinda whole day there. feel so tired, drank some brandy which can kills my lungs. im on the way learning of drinking all these stuff yah? LOL. kinda feel like sleeping honestly =x

11.30pm, dinner end and left. sister bring me to look for the clubs in KL cause i dont really know. such as Aloha, Rums, Beach and others. knowledge increasing. *JENG JENG!*

home at around 12.30am, finally got my DIGI broadband so i can study in college and do assignment in college! thanks to my lovely sister! x)

had slightly headache right now and imma go to the bed, good night peeps! :)


Thursday, February 17, 2011

| 17022011 | * Tenji II :]

scorching sun, blinding sunlight today. effing hot and its kinda killing me, short distance from point A to point B less than 2 meter can kills. what a changeable weather.

off the weather, back to the topic. reached college area around 7.30am. went starbucks ordered a cup of vanilla latte, the first time i tried and i asked the staff to recommend me not-so-bitter coffee just to stay me awake from the early morning. yumyum and yeah it taste good.

sitting at the same place, facing with the same thing. a lot of flash backs reminds me of the past. wonder how long i never sit starbucks and study. on my laptop, drink my coffee, holding pen and elbow on table, write words and refer text book and notes on laptop just like the past, found out that actually im still the original me, things around us might change, but we are still who we are.

9.30am, left and drop some of my books in my car. met up chian, went class as usual. got inform that PR class was cancel. which means we dont have test today.

went sunway pyramid with chian. had lunch at shilin. then hunt for yilin's present. coincidence jeeseng called me. he's with sawjee. continued to look for shoe shops. after that we left.

college, puiyi is waiting for my parking place. nice nice place. HAHA. then i reverse and she go in. back home, took nap until 7pm. got called from sister and invited me for dinner, unbelievable!

8pm, went TENJI 2 at bandar puteri, had dinner with her and took some photos. around 9.45pm, we left and back home. :)


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

| 16022011 | * Lou Sang! :]

it's kinda cloudy day today. went bank with mum and she makes me fly car to college. she make me cry. so bad. =x because she need my laptop and i need it because i've already planned to stay back and study in college or other places. and i also thought of going college early to do revision because it's PR test on thursday. kinda angry of that, but still, i gave her my laptop. -.-"

fly car to college, luckily still able to found parking. got down from car and rush to class. never late but kinda rush and hence, im sweating and hot. =/

TV Production class as usual, sitting alone and nobody to talk to. *lonely* listen to the class........ and then class end. met up yilin and huibin but they went Mc D for lunch, so im going AC with hong for lunch and chit chat. around 3pm, went library and hong with me as well. study without my laptop and i dont know what to study. LOL. didnt study alot because i didnt really take notes for her class.

4pm, hong left because he had class. i still study until around 5.20pm, went level 1 with alvin and continued shumann and continued puiyi and teckseang.

heavy rain, teckseang sent me to my parking place and went sunway mentari Restaurant Tian Tian Lai. ordered veges, seafood, chicken and yee sang. 5 of us lou sang and enjoy our dinner, effing much. =x

*yumyum* after makan, chit chat for a little while, we left. puiyi came to my house. we do nothing. just online and games i guess? after she back then, i study 1 pages of PR. LOL. then my mum ask me do this and that again, then make me angry and cry again. WTF me. LOL. maybe im just angry. =/

kinda late night, sister's boyfee and brother's friends came and pay for visit. lou sang again with 'em, then went to shower and went IOI with the couple and watch movie. what movie? Sanctum.

WOW the movie rating 4.5/5. the movie is nice, for me lahh. HAHA. its kinda adventure movie, i mean not kinda, it is an adventure movie. kinda tense me out, but overall i feel that's nice. :D

after movie, around 2am, left and back home, sleep! :)


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

| 15022011 | * Movie Day! x)

HOLA! :)

its public holiday today! went out to sunway pyramid with my darling puiyi. had lunch at sakae sushi, yeeseng and sushissss. LOL.

watched I Love Hong Kong.

ratings 4.5/6 stars. its funny! x) LAUGH DIE ME =x

after that, went to buy USB thingy at digital centre and bought ice cream waffle and bring it into the cinema for our second movie! All's Well End's Well 最强喜事.

the rating for this movie is 4.5/6. this is funny also! x) hehehe. finally i get to watched what i want to watch. fuiyoooooooo!

after movie, back to puiyi's house because i got no key. LOL. then baba picked me up and back home :)


Monday, February 14, 2011

| 14022011 | * Happy Valentine's Day.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone :)

the first valentine's gift from chian, a chocolate :) then class as usual. went home and took nap because im a loner ;(

night session, sister and me went IOI Redbox sing k. woots, my whole day long valentine. she accompanied me ;D sing k with me :) everywhere is with pair, the street, the escalator, the cinema, the redbox as well.

enjoy with her and guess what, we sing until 4am only back home! WAO! HAHA x)

always love you :)


Sunday, February 13, 2011

| R4ND0M | * 我看见未来






















































Saturday, February 12, 2011

| 12022011 | * Outing with Sister & Ivan! :]

woke up kinda early today. puiyi picked me up and we went sunway pyramid to buy yeesang. selepas itu, went catholic high school to met the friends up. then go to puan chee's house to pay her visit. wow her house damn alot people. O.O we play cards, eat, chit chat, lou sang there. still, like what chinese new year should do. -.-" also counted as gathering with the secondary friends :)

took photos, enjoy a lot there. until around 4.30pm, left and back home. second round with sister, headed to KL Time Square redbox sing k with ivan which is my kor :) *sing sing sing sing sing sing sing* his sound damn nice... walao eh O.O around 12am, sent ivan back, then we're home too! x)

didnt took much photos, next time out again lur! x)


Friday, February 11, 2011

| 11022011 | * Chinese New Year Visit.

class usual and ends at 11am. waited them end class at 1pm. today we're gonna have Chinese New Year visit with puiyi, teckseang, alvin and schumann. went to alvin's house to pay him a visit, play cards, drink, makan tidbits. after that, second station, schumann's house! cooked maggie in his house without a gas, damn pro. x)

after that, went puiyi's house to pay her a visit also. play cards, beer and others. then then then, went Goodwill to had our dinner, met jasongoh. the last station, my house, cards and maggie again. HAHA. jasongoh also join us after that. then then after that, sent alvin and schumann and teckseang home. then im home too, puiyi drove herself home. :)


Thursday, February 10, 2011

| 10022011 | * Chinese New Year Visit.

class as usual, end at 2pm. went klang to eat 肥仔面粉. wow, long time didnt eat already, thanks to chian brought me there :) and this is the very first time drive to klang, the road damn zhun! straight only. hoho x)

after makan, went chian's house visit visit, play cards and what chinese new year should do. then next station is andrew's house, his house so many MV. and his computer damn zhun, can move from 1 to another 1. WAHHH! HAHAHAHA. then then, next station, subang ks's house. still do what chinese new year we should do :)

after that, went puchong makan our dinner. then next station my house. macam boring, i mean yes it is boring. =x after that, lek's house. his dog, champ champ is very cutie! but still i not dare to touch and play with the animals. we also got the chance to put 孔明灯 at the playground :)

after that, chian sent me home. thankiewssss! i did very enjoy today! :))))


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

| 09022011 | * Dinner At Empire Gallery

class as usual, the journalism. finally passed up my storyboard, thanks God the lecturer never reject. woohoo!

class end, actually going out with Joseph but my bad, i ffk him. because im very tired. huhu x( im so sorry Joseph =/

went home and took nap. then woke up at 5.20pm, shower and im wearing wild look today =x dinner at empire gallery with sister. yumyum, their food is nice! i like it so much :) took photos in toilet because their toilet damn nice woi!

10.30pm, left from there and back home x)


| R4ND0M | * Sorry That I Loved You.

These days, found out a song from Facebook which the lyrics is quite suitable for me. The words that wanted to say. I did share the video on my Facebook, i wonder will he saw and get what i mean?

Sorry That I Loved You by Anthony 倪安东

For all of the times that I tried for your smile

For making you think that I was worth the while

So your love love love love love would be mine

For sending you flowers and holding your hand

That no one was there to take a stand

But then love love love made us blind

And I'm so sorry that I hurt you

Sorry that I fell through

Sorry I was falling in love with you

I'm sorry that it came true but sorry doesn't turn back time

For all that I have done to you

I wish that I could make it right

So sorry that I loved you

Sorry that I needed you

Sorry that I held you tight

And I'm so sorry for…

Making you love me and saying goodbye

For being the one that taught you how to cry

It was love love love and it passed us by

For giving you every thing that you dreamed

For taking it back when I fled the scene

Sorry love, for wasting your time

And I'm so sorry that I hurt you

Sorry that I fell through

Sorry I was falling in love with you

I'm sorry that it came true but sorry doesn't turn back time

For all that I have done to you

I wish that I could make it right

So sorry that I loved you

Sorry that I needed you

Sorry that I held you tight

An apology now after all of this time

Won't make any difference tonight

But I'm hoping “im sorry” will open your mind

To love love love love in your life

special for you.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

| 08022011 | * Outing with Joseph! :]

not going class today because im still on leave, woots! ;D fetch joseph and went sunway pyramid today. he came back for few days and then wanna cabut again. ishh.

picked him up, went sunway pyramid drink bitter tea. *shuang* HAHA. im lovin it. ;D we watched What women wants 我知女人心

rate for this is 3.5/5 stars because this is not really happened in real life, not logic. HAHA. but part of it make me laugh as well x)

we makan at MOF as well, eat sushi, drink green tea ice? x) after that, sent him home and fail to take photos with him. HOW CAN I FORGET TO TAKE PICTURE WITH HIM?! i guess i really old already. -.-"

around 6pm, sent him home and i was nervous of driving home alone with a strange road and its traffic jam time. but still thanks God i am home. hohoho :)


Monday, February 7, 2011

| R4ND0M | * 思念

今天一直在想,是不是每一对情侣都是从仇人开始?很多戏剧和电影都是这样的?如果真的有效,我愿意试。如果我真的能够像高美男、黄泰京、新禹、Jeremy 他们那样,全部住在一起就好了。至少一天到晚见面,机会是一定有的!可惜,戏剧是人们拍出来的,无论真实或者不真实,人们都可以拍出电影来。