Friday, February 18, 2011

| 18022011 | * Convention At JW Marriott.

cloudy day, woke up early again. reached college at around 7am and the sky is still dark. parked at a very very nice place, somewhere near starbucks, wanted to park in front of starbucks but got no chance, huhu =x

coincidently puiyi parked beside me. went in her car listen to radio and do something else. realize i didnt bring my file out. OMGOSH. my everything is inside weih =/ went asia cafe with puiyi and teckseang, chat there until around 8am, pay for parking and met chian. went asia cafe again with her, puiyi and teckseang left and go for class. we have class also but we late.

had my tomyam and went class and lecturer didnt teach at all. its presentation on monday. i wonder how it goes. class end and straight to the tv production class. get 3 piece of papers from chian. thankiew! but lecturer need more than 3 pieces paper today. -.-" and he was like dont let me out of the class, so i text-ed puiyi and asked her can she bring me some papers. when i walked to the door, then the lecturer asked, ahh, where you wan to go? LOL. then i collect paper from puiyi and he says, paper supplier? LOL. anyway, thankiew to puiyi too! x)

in class assignment with sarah. 11am, class end and met up chian and yilin for a very little while. then left. home at around 11.30am, took a short nap for around 2 hours?

2.45pm, woke up and change clothes. went JW Marriott with sister cause have convention and dinner as well. blablablablabla then, dinner. LOL. spent like kinda whole day there. feel so tired, drank some brandy which can kills my lungs. im on the way learning of drinking all these stuff yah? LOL. kinda feel like sleeping honestly =x

11.30pm, dinner end and left. sister bring me to look for the clubs in KL cause i dont really know. such as Aloha, Rums, Beach and others. knowledge increasing. *JENG JENG!*

home at around 12.30am, finally got my DIGI broadband so i can study in college and do assignment in college! thanks to my lovely sister! x)

had slightly headache right now and imma go to the bed, good night peeps! :)


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