Saturday, February 26, 2011

| 26022011 | * Revision.

woke up at around 11am. texted puiyi and get ready of everything. then pick her up and went shiok cafe together, that time was around 1pm already. started to do our assignments and do mua revision.

revision revision revision revision revision until......... around 6pm, we left. why are we leaving so early? because got people fight in outside there, got front door and side door. they fight at the side door, so we quickly pack up our stuffs and cabut.

back to puiyi's house, then rest, joking, laughing, kacau and play games. until around 8pm, went to old town kopitiam and continue study. while typing this post, i feel that im so hardworking xD bu yeah its kinda tired because use the eye and concentrate for the whole day. imagine from 1pm until 10pm. O.O

at old town until around 10pm, sent puiyi home and i went home as well :)


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