Wednesday, February 23, 2011

| 23022011 | * Nail Polish!

today, selalu dan biasa, went college early and study in starbucks, together with puiyi and teckseang. the very finally, i parked in front of starbucks, yay! i achieve of what i want! LOL. i know that's kinda crazy but the feeling is awesome! x)))

then went class as usual. class end, actually still wanted to stay back study with puiyi, but very randomly, we went sunway pyramid for movie.

sunway pyramid, went shilin and sushi king had our lunch. then went to buy movie tickets. walk walk, bought file and nail polish which is dark blue color. YEAH I DISLIKE BLUE. but this one, far far away, you cant actually see its blue. x) nice nice! guess how much is it? RM15.90 man! WTH, skin food. LOL. but i like it so i got no choice.

watched Burlesque. wow the movie is so damn effing awesome! rating 4.5/5. its so damn nice! because i like movie which is dance and sing songs. maybe if you dont, then dont watch lur. x)))

after movie, then went home (:

you know, sometimes when the feeling is so suffer,
i really feel like giving up.

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