Tuesday, February 15, 2011

| 15022011 | * Movie Day! x)

HOLA! :)

its public holiday today! went out to sunway pyramid with my darling puiyi. had lunch at sakae sushi, yeeseng and sushissss. LOL.

watched I Love Hong Kong.

ratings 4.5/6 stars. its funny! x) LAUGH DIE ME =x

after that, went to buy USB thingy at digital centre and bought ice cream waffle and bring it into the cinema for our second movie! All's Well End's Well 最强喜事.

the rating for this movie is 4.5/6. this is funny also! x) hehehe. finally i get to watched what i want to watch. fuiyoooooooo!

after movie, back to puiyi's house because i got no key. LOL. then baba picked me up and back home :)


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