Tuesday, February 22, 2011

| 22022011 | * Meaningful Day :]

went college with rush because woke up late. little bit of traffic jam scared me alot, just like the chicken running everywhere on the floor x))))

class as usual for journalism and PR. im paying 5% concentration for PR because im boring. HAHA. find friend sms and chatting with the dears overthere. making lecturer keep on looking at us. WTH. met changmeng which is the LM exex-PRESIDENT in the college, i knew he's from inti but nilai, he came here for donations. talk to him few sentences, then sayonara =x

class end, went home and nap from 4pm to 7pm. then sent sister go out. after that then traffic jam-ing until im home. -.- then help mami do her stuffs again, her stuffs is kinda annoy me sometimes. =x shhh dont tell her :))))

but she said among us, im the one who can help her alot with the paper work. LOL. she said brother also can but he's lazy. WAHAHAHA. then i told her i also wanna lazy why she dont let me to be lazy. then she said brother will show her the face which is she dont like. then i replied her, saying that i wanna learn from my brother, ask him to teach me what face is that, so damn powerful. WAHAHAHA.

around 9pm, went to had dinner with mua lovely sister. :)


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