Wednesday, February 16, 2011

| 16022011 | * Lou Sang! :]

it's kinda cloudy day today. went bank with mum and she makes me fly car to college. she make me cry. so bad. =x because she need my laptop and i need it because i've already planned to stay back and study in college or other places. and i also thought of going college early to do revision because it's PR test on thursday. kinda angry of that, but still, i gave her my laptop. -.-"

fly car to college, luckily still able to found parking. got down from car and rush to class. never late but kinda rush and hence, im sweating and hot. =/

TV Production class as usual, sitting alone and nobody to talk to. *lonely* listen to the class........ and then class end. met up yilin and huibin but they went Mc D for lunch, so im going AC with hong for lunch and chit chat. around 3pm, went library and hong with me as well. study without my laptop and i dont know what to study. LOL. didnt study alot because i didnt really take notes for her class.

4pm, hong left because he had class. i still study until around 5.20pm, went level 1 with alvin and continued shumann and continued puiyi and teckseang.

heavy rain, teckseang sent me to my parking place and went sunway mentari Restaurant Tian Tian Lai. ordered veges, seafood, chicken and yee sang. 5 of us lou sang and enjoy our dinner, effing much. =x

*yumyum* after makan, chit chat for a little while, we left. puiyi came to my house. we do nothing. just online and games i guess? after she back then, i study 1 pages of PR. LOL. then my mum ask me do this and that again, then make me angry and cry again. WTF me. LOL. maybe im just angry. =/

kinda late night, sister's boyfee and brother's friends came and pay for visit. lou sang again with 'em, then went to shower and went IOI with the couple and watch movie. what movie? Sanctum.

WOW the movie rating 4.5/5. the movie is nice, for me lahh. HAHA. its kinda adventure movie, i mean not kinda, it is an adventure movie. kinda tense me out, but overall i feel that's nice. :D

after movie, around 2am, left and back home, sleep! :)


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