Thursday, February 10, 2011

| 10022011 | * Chinese New Year Visit.

class as usual, end at 2pm. went klang to eat 肥仔面粉. wow, long time didnt eat already, thanks to chian brought me there :) and this is the very first time drive to klang, the road damn zhun! straight only. hoho x)

after makan, went chian's house visit visit, play cards and what chinese new year should do. then next station is andrew's house, his house so many MV. and his computer damn zhun, can move from 1 to another 1. WAHHH! HAHAHAHA. then then, next station, subang ks's house. still do what chinese new year we should do :)

after that, went puchong makan our dinner. then next station my house. macam boring, i mean yes it is boring. =x after that, lek's house. his dog, champ champ is very cutie! but still i not dare to touch and play with the animals. we also got the chance to put 孔明灯 at the playground :)

after that, chian sent me home. thankiewssss! i did very enjoy today! :))))


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