Friday, February 25, 2011

| 25022011 | * Your Foot Print That I Would Follow.

class as usual today. joined puiyi's class after my class but the lecturer didnt notice at the first until the end. well its okay i know im kinda.... O.O

went sunway pyramid after class, had lunch at sushi king. then met up jeeseng and teckseang. chit chat for a little while, then we left cause we're watching movie.

watch No String Attached. hmm actually the storyline is like macam macam lar, because they cut alot, so the storyline become not so perfect and weird weird. so i dont really satisfy with that honestly, but it is funny i can tell :) rating for the movie is 2.5/5

after movie, met the guys up again. went shilin and buy foods. then went tea lady to had bubble tea. chit chat for a while then, they left. =/

after that, left me and puiyi dreaming there for around 15 minutes. then next round we went here walk walk, there walk walk. and continued by sushi king and eat back the same food. LOL. their soup curry rice is nice weih! x)

after dinner, went to pierce ear ring again. WTF again?! NOLAH! pierce back the same hole cause already closed. finally pierced. :)

then then, walk for a little while and we left. sent puiyi home and im home too :)

i would just follow your foot print wherever you go.


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