Sunday, February 20, 2011

| 20022011 | * Revision.

woke at 2.30pm today. yes i know its very late and yeah i admit im a pig, a carrot pig =/ and my eye is still sleepy. WTH. yesterday help mami do something until 4am only go to the bed, no choice :(

woke up and eat maggie as my BREAKFAST because nothing for me to eat and nobody at home, what a Saturday =/ guess i have to date people out. at last, dated puiyi aka my daughter out to study.
we out at around 4pm, she came and pick me up because i got no car. went IOI Boulevard, Pacific Coffee Company. Its kinda Starbucks, Coffee Bean or something, similar.

went there study straight until 9.30pm only we leave. went shiok cafe to had our dinner. after dinner, around 10.30pm, went her house to help my mum print something because my printer dead yesterday. *prays hard* i wanted to get a new one, pro one and nice one! i cant stand this printer anymore, since quite a long time ago i already feel like changing this stupid printer away. =/

guess what? yesterday when i print something and the paper keep on jaming and i told my mum i want to change this, it had problem already. then she said, no need lahh, still can use mahh. then when this morning i told her i cant print your stuff because this printer macam got problem. guess what? she say, CHANGE IT LAH FASTER! LOL. i wonder what she want -.-"

okay back to the topic, after print. puiyi's baba sent me home. thankiew! :)


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