Thursday, February 17, 2011

| 17022011 | * Tenji II :]

scorching sun, blinding sunlight today. effing hot and its kinda killing me, short distance from point A to point B less than 2 meter can kills. what a changeable weather.

off the weather, back to the topic. reached college area around 7.30am. went starbucks ordered a cup of vanilla latte, the first time i tried and i asked the staff to recommend me not-so-bitter coffee just to stay me awake from the early morning. yumyum and yeah it taste good.

sitting at the same place, facing with the same thing. a lot of flash backs reminds me of the past. wonder how long i never sit starbucks and study. on my laptop, drink my coffee, holding pen and elbow on table, write words and refer text book and notes on laptop just like the past, found out that actually im still the original me, things around us might change, but we are still who we are.

9.30am, left and drop some of my books in my car. met up chian, went class as usual. got inform that PR class was cancel. which means we dont have test today.

went sunway pyramid with chian. had lunch at shilin. then hunt for yilin's present. coincidence jeeseng called me. he's with sawjee. continued to look for shoe shops. after that we left.

college, puiyi is waiting for my parking place. nice nice place. HAHA. then i reverse and she go in. back home, took nap until 7pm. got called from sister and invited me for dinner, unbelievable!

8pm, went TENJI 2 at bandar puteri, had dinner with her and took some photos. around 9.45pm, we left and back home. :)


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