Thursday, February 24, 2011

| Nuffnang | * Beastly Contest

Well, Nuffnang is offering PREMIERE SCREENING again! ;DD excited right? BEASTLY, a modern Beauty and The Beast story :) I still remember my mum used to tell me this story when i was a kid. I can remember the story well because its touched, awww!

Now, what would i do if i were a Beast and im given a chance to prove that i am worthy to be human again? Did you ever think about that before? Now, let's this! ;DD

Hmm, lets see how does a Beast look like?

Now let me introduce him to you guys, his name - BEAST.
What can we judge him according to the picture above? Make it easier, i use point form :)

He is,
- ugly
- giant size
- scary
- rude
- arrogant

Seems so pity right? He must be low self esteem. =/ Alright! Then now, if i were a Beast and im given a chance to prove that i am worthy to be human again, only ONE chance, i would comb my hair well and prove to the people although im ugly but im clean and tidy. Then, i would smile more, to prove that im not scary at all. Besides that, i would help the people who need help and give more caring to the others, prove that im not arrogant. Moreover, i would watch the other's behavior and learn to be more mindful and tender , prove that although im giant size but im not rude at all.

As you know, nowadays people only look for the outside but not inside. Handsome? Rich? but actually they are proud and not helping the others, being rude to the others? Pretty doesnt mean everything, because their inside might not as perfect as what we predict.

Through this blog post, i hope i can change people's mind. Hope they know that ugly doesnt mean everything, as long as you have the pretty heart, people will know. I hope they get the message of Love Is Never Ugly.


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