Friday, February 11, 2011

| 11022011 | * Chinese New Year Visit.

class usual and ends at 11am. waited them end class at 1pm. today we're gonna have Chinese New Year visit with puiyi, teckseang, alvin and schumann. went to alvin's house to pay him a visit, play cards, drink, makan tidbits. after that, second station, schumann's house! cooked maggie in his house without a gas, damn pro. x)

after that, went puiyi's house to pay her a visit also. play cards, beer and others. then then then, went Goodwill to had our dinner, met jasongoh. the last station, my house, cards and maggie again. HAHA. jasongoh also join us after that. then then after that, sent alvin and schumann and teckseang home. then im home too, puiyi drove herself home. :)


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