Saturday, December 31, 2011

| 31122011 | * Happy New Year Eve!

First of all,Wishing everybody 
Happy New Year 2012 and all the best in this new year.
Huat ahhh! :D

OKEH! The following stories i'll leave it for pictures and caption. Kinda rush in time now. Imma going to bed soon (:


Never sleep for whole day again, like a dead body.

Working at Kinrara from 10am til 6pm. Then back to home, sleeeeep until around 930pm. get ready to go out? yup i guess so. waiting Puiyi and Teckseang to meet me up in my house. Then we went out.

Dont know where to go. Final decision, Subang. Opposite Murni, La Cocina a westerm restaurant. Ordered Wild Mushroom Soup and Fish and Chip. And, stick with the couples. #foreveralone


Happy New Year (:

The restaurant also gave us party pack at around 1150pm. People at there were playing the party pack as well. Surprise-nya. Thanks btw, at least not making us boring (:

After that, we went home and Puiyi overnight mua house. Drinking beer and chit chats.


Good Night  

La Cocina Restaurant & Tapas Bar
38, Jalan USJ 9/5P, Subang Central, UEP
47620 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Tel/Fax: 603-8023 2395
Cell: 6012-2096573

Business Hours:
Daily, Lunch (11am-3pm), Dinner (6pm-12am)
Wine Bar: Mon. - Sat. (5pm-1am)

Click here for location map

♥ Kell.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

| 29122011 | * I'm No Longer Lucky.

Went IOI Mall with mummay today. Buy her stuffs. Then went home and do some house work and went to Sunway Pyramid for gym. Then meet up ling, Puiyi and eat Moo Cow Yogurt, nyumnyum (:

Then i was thinking to go yamcha with her but also im thinking its late, worried that being scold by mummay. LOL. so i decided to back home. who knows?! after i parked my car, and my neighbor's house is in renovation and a wood touched mua car. so i was thinking to push the wood away from my car and i stepped on something that kinda sticky. I thought it was shit or mud or something. And slowly i walked, its sticky. Hell! Its paint! and its blue color! WTF i hate blue the most, why is it in blue?! My new slipper and only wore it for few times. My leg and my hand!

Im sitting at the door, waiting people deliver me Tina. my sister offer me a bottle of make up remover that cost RM100+ to remove all the paint. Yup it works. i can imagine how strong is the chemical if i use it to remove my cosmetic on my face. LOL.


Ahhhhh, is it a bad hint or something? You cant walk with me together in my life anymore, with the new slipper :(

Blogged, Kell.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

| 28122011 | * I Am So Lucky! ♥

Hello! This thing call Squashy. She's a hamster. And she's not mine LOL. She mua cousin sister's but she's going to Thailand for few days. Therefore she drop this thing at mua house so that I can look after her. She's shy and quiet, sexy lady. She doesn't really move, even in the midnight. Most of the hamster run around like so hyper active but this thing does not act like normal. I was afraid that she suddenly dont move at all. I tried to play with her and make her move around. Yes she did, if i disturb her for like 15 minutes. O.O

Back to ze topic. Went gym today with mua sixta. But only me doing gym, she's meeting up with her friends. And its not really many people today. I owe the female gym room #likeaboss

And yup! Im lucky to be one of the member of Celebrity Fitness and won the lucky draw. I didnt do anything, just jogging and suddenly ze manager, Mr. Donny came and look for me, saying that i've won the lucky draw and free 10 months membership, and im all club member somemore. WAO! I have to pay RM185 for every month and now? I paid RM370 for ONE WHOLE YEAR. owyeah! I saved RM1850 and i can buy camera already! Hohohoho so lucky weihh! Thankiews  Thankiews Celebrity Fitness ♥ Thankiews my luck 

♥ Kell.

Monday, December 26, 2011

| 26122011 | * I've Got Dating ♥

Hi Day, Hi Monday, Hi Ocean Blue Day.

Have to went out at 5pm. Where i go? SETAPAK yo! 
Its mua first time going Setapak? to find someone i suka LOL! 

Spent 45 minutes to reach that place, terima kasih GPS and Human Guided GPS, Mr TanJeeSeng. 
Terima kasih the lady accompany, Ms GohPuiYi, terima kasih to driver, Mr Soo TeckSeang.
Terima kasih to myself, Ms KellyeTanS.Y to willing spend the time to go that long and far distance away from my CarrotFarmHouse. 


Went for dinner at Wangsa Maju, together with TanJeeSeng's friends, Mr.Felix, Mr. KaiHao and Mr. Rick. Nice to meet all of youuuu. Selepas itu, we went KL Festival, but it might not be a suitable place for new friends. LOL. I feel strange. So we decided to go for OverTime to have beer. Start to talk alot there. Then, went to Chatime. WAH, the Chatime there is so damn nice! Perfect ♥ and guess what, Ochado is just next to Chatime. WAR TIME? LOL. Seriously its competitive. 

After that, its about to leave, its around 1045pm if im not mistaken. Thanks again to Mr. SooTeckSeang to drop me and his girlfee back to our FarmFarm.

Coming up next, KL Festival and BukitBintang countdown, 
I want YOU, to be with me 


Hi, new slipper to meet you, want you to walk with me in my life 

Sunday, December 25, 2011

| 25122011 | * Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas 2011!  
Wishing all my friends and family stay healthy, be happy and all the best (:

Today is perfect! Mua parents, mua sixta and her boyfee, mua brada and his girlfee and me -ALONE, have dinner together in the restaurant yesterday and eat back the same food LOL! but well, everyone's happy. parents dont eat korean food often and mum request, so why not? (:

again, never expect will go out. thought will be staying at home again. who knows, once i woke up and saw a text message. mum asking me to book the korean restaurant. yeeeehaaa! 

well, a great moment with mua family and future family members LOL! 
Merry Christmas 2011!  

Love, Kell.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

| 24122011 | * Merry Christmas Eve!

Hey guys! 
Merry Christmas Eve to all of you (: 
Thought i will be passing my day alone today, but its unexpected! (:


woke up at 930am, not that i set alarm but i think i didnt sleep well or maybe i only slept one to half an hour? 7am and im still looking at the clock, cant fall alseep :( this is so so bad. LOL. so i decide to wake, look at the mirror and looking at my poor eyes. no, i have to do something, i make up, but it still look sux. LOL. but its better than i dont make up.

i know it still look sux LOL.

went to yilin's house and picked her up. i've requested her help about 2 weeks ago, to be my GPS and guide me road. i've bought chocolates and made a small card, and planned to deliver for mua friends one by one, house by house on Christmas eve. but some of them have to go back their hometown, therefore i've gave them earlier, like Ah Fei LOL. anyway, also thanks to him help me deliver some chocolates for Ellane, Sheng, Yaw, Aaron and WenHao because i dont know how to deliver to them. Some of them living apartment, some of the houses i dont know how to go LOL.

ready for them :)

okaii. back to ze topic. first house we went are chian's house, wanted to put in her mailbox but her hard disc is with me as well, and its raining. so i have to call her. but she's still sleeping i guess? coincidentally, her mum just came back, so we just passed the things to her and help us to pass to chian (: 

following by KS's house. then we went Jojo for breakfast. then, teckseang's house. passing toll and back to puchong, went to calvin's house, aisha's house and puiyi's house. then, no more. LOL. we're still thinking should we go anywhere or go home. that time was only 2pm. im freaking sleepy and tired. im lazy to back to sunway to drop yilin home. therefore, we planned to take a nap at mua house only back to sunway (:

6pm, sister's boyfee woke me up. LOL. asking us whether wanted to follow them to pavillion? ahhh, okay since we got nothing to do. im lazy to drive and he would like to drive, why not? (: 

us, before nap.

us, after nap.
then, went to mont kiara for dinner - Apgujeong Korean BBQ & Teppanyaki. their food is cheap, i dare to say. pork meat and kimchi jigae. rice are not counted, even service tax are not counted as well. 4 persons only cost us RM140. one person is like RM30+ only and we ate such a luxurious food, wow! 

kimchi jigae (:

you're here with me this year (:

and thanks for bringing us here (:

then, went to Pavillion. got sprayed by the peoples. well, its my first time tho. i saw all the people playing around, and i was like, WAH............... i dont know what to say, i never seen this before. all places in KL are crowded, gather together at Bukit Bintang, look at the big screen and waiting to 12am. we're not down there, we're at A&W and looking down there. LOL. but we still kena spray when we're walking back to Pavillion. its fun! i never play before mahh x) really feel happy because i never thought that i'll be celebrating, i thought i'll stay at home and doing nothing, keke x) its unexpected!

its going to 12am!

its 12am! merry christmas! (:

after 12am, the floor LOL.

after that, around 130am, sent yilin home and we're home too! got a Christmas gift from mua sixta. thankiewwwww! it's a Stitch necklace, teehee. 

christmas gift from sister :)

christmas gift from yilin *limited edition* LOL.

card for parents; Happy Anniversary to them! (:

Apgujeong BBQ Restaurant
J-1-15/16, Soho KL,
Solaris, Mont Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel: 03-62114061
Click here for location map

For more information, here's the Facebook Page.

Love, Kell.