Wednesday, December 28, 2011

| 28122011 | * I Am So Lucky! ♥

Hello! This thing call Squashy. She's a hamster. And she's not mine LOL. She mua cousin sister's but she's going to Thailand for few days. Therefore she drop this thing at mua house so that I can look after her. She's shy and quiet, sexy lady. She doesn't really move, even in the midnight. Most of the hamster run around like so hyper active but this thing does not act like normal. I was afraid that she suddenly dont move at all. I tried to play with her and make her move around. Yes she did, if i disturb her for like 15 minutes. O.O

Back to ze topic. Went gym today with mua sixta. But only me doing gym, she's meeting up with her friends. And its not really many people today. I owe the female gym room #likeaboss

And yup! Im lucky to be one of the member of Celebrity Fitness and won the lucky draw. I didnt do anything, just jogging and suddenly ze manager, Mr. Donny came and look for me, saying that i've won the lucky draw and free 10 months membership, and im all club member somemore. WAO! I have to pay RM185 for every month and now? I paid RM370 for ONE WHOLE YEAR. owyeah! I saved RM1850 and i can buy camera already! Hohohoho so lucky weihh! Thankiews  Thankiews Celebrity Fitness ♥ Thankiews my luck 

♥ Kell.

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