Sunday, December 18, 2011

| 18122011 | * Family Dinner.

Hello peeps! I feel proud today, aahaha! Because i'm waking up at 815am and went to gym alone. kekeke. actually i planned to go for gym at 11am but... its Sunday, im worried of crowd and out of parking. Therefore i set alarm at 8am and also 11am in case im not waking up. But never expect, i heard my alarm. LOL. So im waking up and get ready, then went to gym alone. Nahhh, not what i expect. Sunday but gym is not many people.

After one and half an hour of gym, took bath and called for my family members and see whether they want me to buy them some food. Its Sunday, no one is cooking! kekeke x)

Went to Shiok Cafe and buy food for me myself and my brother. Then we two nom nom nom at home and watching drama. Then do some house work, wash plates deee dee daaam daam. ahhhh tired! was thinking, should i take nap? its 2pm, should i? There's a family reunion dinner at 530pm, should i should i? Yup i did! I slept LOL.

5pm, woke up and get ready and out for dinner! yoohoo x) had luxurious meal and full of satisfaction, nyum nyum  (:

after dinner, i can never expect we family went yamchaaaa just like what teenage usually do. LOL. went old town to yamchaaa and chit chatsss. wow! i feel cool man, hahahah. 9pm, sent grandmother home and we're home toooo! teeheee.

- old town's teh tarik is 

- old town's hot chocolate.

- is she cute? 

- my cousin, Sabrina and me (:

- yup, she's cute (:


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