Thursday, December 22, 2011

| R4ND0M | * I Never Had A Dream Comes True.

Its not about posting about my life today but about my dream. I feels that the dream is my everything. Well i dont crap too much because it seems that my blog are boring, right? Today, i had a dream. It makes me dont feel like waking up, and stay in that dream. Frankly, i woke up at 5pm today. No joke, its true. Perhaps its because of my tiredness, rainy days and such a good dream.

Well, the story comes like this. In that dream, it seems like we coupled for months or years, as long as we're very very close to each other. And the setting was in a school or college, something with education. Then he received a call, someone like his mother or whoever im not sure, and making him angry. He was like quiet for few days, never talk to anyone, even me.

Then the scene seems like jump to ''Few Days Later...'', then i forget im the one who calling him or he's the one who calling me. I talked to him softly, sounds like worry. And he apologize to me, gently. And saying that sorry for not finding me few days, he just need to have some time to calm down. Aww that moment, seriously can kill me. It was just so sweet.

Then my phone rang, and wake me up. I was disappoint, because it was just a dream, and will never happen.

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