Tuesday, December 20, 2011

| 20122011 | * Movies Day!

well, as im so desperate for movies, so do puiyi. we decide to watch 2 movies in a day, just like what we always do in ze past.

woke up at 1pm and do some house work. then she picked me up and we went to One Utama. finding for parking for almost one hour T.T we dont understand why so many cars! OHMYGAWD. by 310pm, we finally found a parking. then we parked and went to buy movie tickets! 430pm for New Year's Eve and 7pm for Alvin and ze Chipmunks III.

then we both went for some walk. look for her nail polishes and bought drinks. then we entered to the cinema. a lot a lot of advertisements, for almost 15 minutes. LOL. finally the movie began. ze movie ended at around 640pm. then we went back to ze cinema for another movie.

Alvin and the Chipmunks only spent us around an hour, kinda short. then we went Jusco for our dinner time! kekeke x) sushi!

after that, she sent me home. thankiew for being a driver today! OHGAWD, our Toyota Vios sick today, get well soon my favorite car! x)

and YUP! i ate this today, cooked by my mum (:


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